Team KT19 race to Goodwood

As part of Blenheim’s thriving Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) programme the team, named ‘Team KT19’, are taking part in the Greenpower Education Trust series which aims to advance the education in the subjects of sustainable engineering and technology for young people. The project has been enabled by sponsorship from Wilson’s of Epsom and they have been a valuable support throughout the project.

Team KT19 have built the car using a kit approved by the Greenpower Trust. They have designed and put   together the bodywork and assembled, tested and tweaked the electrics (with the help of some excitable members of staff!). The car is powered by two 12V batteries and the aim of the competition is to complete as many laps as possible within an allotted time.

Sunday was the first test day of the season and Team KT19 arrived to school at 7am in order to travel to Goodwood in time for the drivers briefing and scrutineering that the car and drivers face before they are allowed on the track. The morning was spent tweaking the car, fixing the last body panels in place and fitting the transponder and GoPro to the car in order to monitor lap times and driver tactics. Team KT19 were triumphant in passing through scrutineering first time without so much as a glitch which everyone was delighted about (and relieved!).

 Then the fun really began as the team got on the track. Throughout the day the team got to grips with the pit lane, pit stops, battery changeovers, radio communication and also dealt with a couple of technical and electrical faults. They were successful in their goal of not being picked up by the recovery car once! Each of the 10 team members were able to race and River Tremlett of Year 9, recorded the fastest lap time of the day with Toby Hyland of Year 8, close behind.

The day was a learning curve for the team, as well as enormous fun. The debrief is due to take place next week and then the hard work will really begin for them to decide and action tweaks in order to make the car faster and more efficient in time for the first heat on 25th June, which again is being held at Goodwood Motor Circuit. Team KT19 will take part in a second heat on 10th September at Dunsfold Park in a bid to make the grand final at Rockingham on 6th and 7th October 2017. 

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