Head of Nashwan: 

Mr. Max Mulvaney

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Nashwan is the name of a great and successful race horse who had numerous successes in the late 1980’s including a win at the Epsom Derby. Unfortunately the house Nashwan, does not always have quite the same amount of success but the collective team certainly has the horse's spirit and determination.

The Nashwan house is made up of students from all the year groups, including Sixth Form and together we unite! Our ethos is to work hard and to play hard and our community spirit illustrates many qualities exemplified by successful teams, businesses and individuals. If Bradley Wiggins or Jessica Ennis came to Blenheim High School I am sure they would have been in Nashwan. During our House assemblies we will regularly reminisce over the 2012 Olympics and what it meant to all of us, as the leader of Nashwan I have great pleasure in supporting the students and where possible promoting the Olympic legacy.

Being part of Nashwan is not all about being a top athlete, instead it is about supporting one another with positive encouragement and working to the best of ones ability throughout school life. This means that Nashwan can succeed in many areas, including attendance, attitude to learning scores and merits that are awarded for work and effort.

Every student and member of staff that is attached to Nashwan shares a dream, not only to succeed but to be recognised as cooperative, well rounded individuals that show compassion and a positive attitude to life in general. Whether we win or not, I know deep down that Nashwan truly is the greatest team in the world.