International Link School 2013 / 2014

Blenheim High School through a series of fundraising events, including a Strictly Come Dancing Evening and a Jumble Sale, provided a water connection at the very rural school St. Joseph’s Miranga in Kendu Bay.  We also raised enough money to finance a Sanitation Block at the Orphanage.

June 2014

Students and teachers from our link school Kisumu Day High School visit Blenheim for the fourth year.

In June we were again delighted to welcome two teachers and three students from our link school Kisumu Day High School in Kenya for a visit of two weeks.

The three boys aged 16 -18 years old stayed in one of our 6th form’s house for 10 days of their visit and had a wonderful time joining in all the family’s activities. They were also welcomed into classes at Blenheim and thoroughly enjoyed the activities and the technology that they do not experience in Kenya.

Our students loved the boys and admired the dedication that they have to their studies. We have a lot to learn from each other and we feel as a school very lucky to have this special link.

Visit to Kisumu, Kenya.

Tuesday 23rd July – Sunday 11th August, 2013

In 2013 23 sixth form students and the 5 supervising staff went on the adventure of a lifetime to our International Link School in Kenya - Kisumu Day High School. The group met the 1000 strong cohort of boys at Kisumu, took part in lessons, visited a local orphanage, camped overnight in the local rainforest, visited the equator and took a boat trip on Lake Victoria.

The climax to their visit came with each Blenheim student in turn, presenting their one or sometimes two paired Kenyan orphans, with a special present they had brought from the UK. The youngsters were so happy as no one had ever given them a present before - it was a picture of happiness.

July 2013

On Saturday 15th June we welcomed three teachers and four delightful boys from Kisumu Day High School, our link school in Kenya.  After a weekend recovering from their long journey they joined into the community at Blenheim High School. The staff and students welcomed them into their lessons; in fact everyone wanted them in their lessons! 

This was a comment written by one of the teachers:

“I would like to take this opportunity to inform you
that my visit to your beautiful country, organized
school and your marvellous house/family was indeed
a historical mark in my life.”

During the two Inset days the teachers attended workshops at Blenheim and some of our 6th formers took the four boys to Chessington and to London where they went on the London Eye, visited Buckingham Palace and 10, Downing Street and thoroughly enjoyed a visit to a Fire station – dressing up as firemen and using the hoses!!

During the weekdays the boys stayed with some of our students who welcomed them into their families and gave them a wonderful experience.

Francis, one of the boys, had a birthday whilst he was here and for the first time ever he received some birthday cards and presents. After this he didn’t stop smiling for the rest of the visit!

Bronze School Mental Health Award