Health and Social Care

Within the Health and Social Care department at Blenheim, our intention is to fully support and prepare students who want to work with people, or care for and help others in their future career.

Our courses give students the background knowledge and skills needed by someone considering working with people in a care provision capacity. We have a successful history of giving our students the qualifications they need to become successful in jobs in the Health and Social Care sector such as teaching, social work, nursing midwifery, paramedic science and many more.

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KS4 Health and Social Care

Board and Exam Details

Edexcel GCSE Health and Social Care

Students will complete the course over 2 years

Course Outline

Unit 1: Understanding Personal Development & Relationships

This unit will help you understand how people grow and develop, as well as the personal relationships people have during their lives.  You will look at how people grow and develop from birth, right through to later adulthood; this knowledge will help you understand others and maybe help you to understand yourself more.  This is an exam-based unit worth 40%.

Unit 2: Exploring Health, Social Care and Early Years provision

This unit is based on an investigation into the needs of one person and how health, social care and early years’ organisations meet that person's needs.  You will select the person you study and conduct all the research yourself.  You will gain an appreciation of care values reflected in the behaviour and attitudes of the real people you meet.  This is a controlled assessment unit worth 60%.

What skills students develop

Students will learn through investigation of different Health and Social Care sectors what working as a service provider is like. They will also learn what it is like to work with different age groups. They will:

  • Develop knowledge and understanding about health, social care and early years
  • Develop practical work skills that will help them in their future career
  • Learn about and understand the world they live in
  • Learn how to work with, care for, support and help a wide variety of people
  • Research occupations they may want to work in
  • Develop their independent research skills

How students are assessed

  • 60% controlled assessment in year 10
  • 40% exam in year 11 – 1hr 15 minutes


  • At least 1 hour a week
  • Research for coursework; this is vital as in controlled assessment conditions students only have their folder and that is all.
  • Exam revision, tasks, practice questions

How parents can help

  • Discussing the coursework with your child. If you work or know someone who works in Health and Social Care you may be able to give them data for their coursework.
  • Explaining and checking that your child knows what a controlled assessment is and how at 60% weighting, it is a large proportion of their overall grade.
  • Promoting the use of websites such as BBC Health and Guardian Health to keep up to date with contemporary issues
  • Encouraging your child to watch television programmes and documentaries related to Health and Social Care
  • Encouraging your child to use the well-stocked Health and Social Care section in our school library

School Trips

Trip to a work place setting which will give us data for controlled assessment


From various health and social care related settings, such as CAMHS workers and Care Home managers