Child Protection & Student Well-Being

When a parent or member of staff recognises there is a problem with a student in their group e.g. attendance dropping, becoming withdrawn, changes in usual behaviour, or known emotional issues – depending on the issue these concerns need to be discussed with the appropriate member of staff immediately.  Various interventions can then be put in place to support the student and/or family.

Child Protection

Any concerns regarding Child Protection must be reported to Mr. C. Mundy, Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL) or Mrs. D. Mills Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead. 

Mrs. K. Kirkham and Mrs. H. Peacock are also Safeguarding officers.

Email Mr. C. Mundy

See Child protection Policy

Well Being Manager (WBM) for Students and Families

Mrs D Mills works closely with the pastoral team and provides support to students who may be experiencing social or emotional difficulties that are impacting on their learning, emotional wellbeing or safety. Interventions include therapeutic support of individuals or family groups, signposting and liaison with other agencies including safeguarding and counselling/mentoring.  

Mrs. D Mills is our Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead.  She also liaises with the Youth Support Service and other projects where the focus is on the re engagement and enhancement of opportunities for students. Mrs D Mills works with groups of students on topics such as Relationships & Sex Education including Healthy Relationships, Child Sexual Exploitation, and Grooming.  She organises presentations and workshops from specialist organisations on topics such as cyber bullying, eSafety, Prevent and Emotional Well Being.  Mrs D Mills can also offer support to parents. She works at Blenheim on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

Bereavement Counsellors – CRUSE

CRUSE work in Blenheim one to one with students when needed and Mrs D Mills also does some bereavement work.  Jigsaw Southeast formerly Jigsaw 4U also offer grief support for students experiencing the death of a significant person.  They often work in conjunction with Macmillan.


Mrs D Mills and the Pastoral Facilitators have a mentoring role and work on such areas as motivation, self-esteem, and organisation with individual students and small groups .  The Blenheim Mentoring Programme is also used by a qualified Learning Mentor (Mr S Loizou) who comes into Blenheim on Tuesdays and Fridays to work with students who are referred to him by Mr C Mundy and the pastoral team. A Learning Mentor is not a counsellor. There is a Peer Mentoring Programme for Year 9’s to support students coming into Year 7.  The mentoring outlined here is in addition to any mentoring offered by the SEND department.

School Nurse

The School Nurse sees students at our request or at the request of other agencies e.g. Children’s Services - this could be to discuss dietary issues or sexual health for example.  Students can also speak with the school nurse in confidence at the weekly drop in sessions held in the Family Room.

Staying Safe Online, Whisper Button:

If you are a student at Blenheim and worried about your online safety, or have received cyber abuse, you can report your concerns by clicking the 'Report an Issue icon' below or by texting BLE2 and your message to 078600 21584.  IMPORTANT: please give your name and contact details if you would like someone to help you.

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External Support Services

Further Support for Parents