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Cancer Research UK chosen as students Charity of the Year

Posted on: 11/02/2018

Blenheim students have selected Cancer Research UK as their charity of the year.

In tutor time students discussed charity work with form tutors and voted for the charity they felt was the most needy cause. Charlie in Year 9 has been fundraising for this charity in and out of school and has raised over £1000 to shave off her hair and then donate to a children's wig charity.

Many students' families have been affected by cancer and students would like to make a difference and help beat this illness. Mufti day and cake sales have already taken place last term and raised over £1200. Thanks to Jasmine and family for their cake baking. 

Other charities considered were Mind, The Tadworth Children's trust, Emma's Bubble Trust, Shelter. Further charity events will take place over the next two terms and we will also support 'Friends of Blenheim' and our link school in Kenya St Martin's Oluti.