The School


Welcome to Blenheim High School.  

We are a co-educational Science Academy in Surrey with state of the art facilities and one of the first schools in the South East to thoroughly integrate iPads into their school. Blenheim now has every student either owning or having access to an iPad in every lesson. The scheme is fully in line with our goal to be a leader in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) and to be a state of the art academy in teaching, facilities and most importantly, learning.

Students should be educated for their future not for our past,  especially regarding technology. We believe that it is vital for our young people to use the equipment on which they enjoy working, utilising skills that are second nature to them. An approach that we feel is key to ensuring that our students develop attributes that will allow them to adapt in a rapidly changing world, to succeed in competitive environments and to value the qualities that make good citizens.

Our motto is ‘believe and achieve’ and throughout school life we aim for all students, staff and parents to work together to ensure that we excel in all we do, respect each other, welcome opportunities, enjoy challenges and celebrate success. We believe that through learning, all children have the power to shape their own lives. Student achievement will always be at the top of our agenda.  Without doubt, good  exam results open doors, change lives and empower children to achieve their dreams. 

However, we also believe in a well-rounded education and the benefits of extra-curricular activities. We promote competition and co-operation through a huge programme of enrichment opportunities and as well as being the only co-educational Science academy in the area, we excel in creative arts, technology and sports. We set high standards in terms of appearance and behaviour and have high expectations for all our students.  Visitors often comment on the calm, purposeful and happy atmosphere around the school. 

If you are already a parent of a child at our school, thank you for sending your child to Blenheim.  If you are considering entrusting your child to us or aspire to work here, please come and visit us, meet our children and staff and talk to me about my vision for a school of which we are all exceedingly proud.

We understand that choosing your child’s secondary school is one of the most important decision-making processes that you will go through with your children and we want to support you through this.

For Admission arrangements, please visit our admissions page for more detailed information.

Tony Bodell