Free School Meals

The Government has introduced new funding rules whereby the school receives additional funding for students eligible for Free School Meals. This valuable additional revenue is used to further support your child’s education.

In view of the current financial climate there may be parent(s)/carer(s) with a child who has never claimed the free school meal entitlement previously.  

Our Reception staff are well acquainted with the paperwork required and will be pleased to help.

The school operates a cashless system for all students to purchase food and drinks from the canteen, whether in receipt of free school meals or not.  This has the added benefit of no one being aware of a student’s entitlement, which avoids any possible embarrassment. 

The daily allowance of £2.30 (value at today’s date) is loaded on to your child's account by the office staff.  If you would like to apply, please complete the form below.

If you feel that you are entitled, but have concerns about applying, please feel free to contact our Reception staff. Please also note that should parent(s)/carer(s) circumstances change at any point in the year, free school meals can be claimed.

Contact our Reception Staff,


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