The Climb 2020

Incredibly talented members of our school band, soul voices and school choir have put together their version of 'The Climb' -  a song about perseverance despite obstacles. The song tells the story that things get in the way in life and that it won't always be easy but that we learn and grow the most through getting through the hard times and overcoming the obstacles that we face. 

It has been put together by our Head of Music, Ms Taylor, to encourage students to keep participating in extracurricular music despite the lockdown and to celebrate the amazing musical talent we have at Blenheim.

Through history, music has consistently been an expression that has helped people through difficult times and we hope that you will feel uplifted when you watch it!

Many thanks to Amelie and Brooke in Year 7, Suzie, Kezia and Amy in Year 8, Joely, Toby and Caoimhe in Year 9, Hana, Scarlett and Alfie in Year 10, Joel, Rosie and Lucy in Year 11, Roddy in Year 12 and River in Year 13 and of course Ms Taylor for bringing the piece together.