Year & Tutor Groups

Please click on the relevant Year Group below for further information about Year Groups and Tutor Groups for 2023/24.

Year 7

Head of Year 7: Mr J Lewis
Assistant Head of Year: Ms T Alum

Year 7 Tutor Groups
Ms L Keefe 7NA
Mr J Tully 7NE
Ms C Josey 7OB
Mr C Ratcliffe 7OF
Miss R McGuire 7SC
Ms K McGrory 7SG
Ms V Toussaint 7TD
Ms C Walters 7TH

Year 8

Head of Year 8: Ms H James
Assistant Head of Year 8: Miss J Bennett

Year 8 Tutor Groups
Ms J Makiyi 8NA
Ms D Bouch 8NE
Ms A Gray (Mon, Wed, Thurs), Ms J Brewster (Tues wk A, Fri), Ms H James (Tues wk B) 8OB
Ms C Whitear (Mon, Tues, Fri), Ms J Bennett (Weds, Thurs) 8OF
Ms A McCormack 8SC
Mr J Keys 8SG
Ms L Beagle (Mon-Thurs), Ms P Liew (Fri) 8TD
Ms C Franks 8TH

Year 9

Head of Year: Mr N Flaherty
Assistant Head of Year: Miss H Jurd

Year 9 Tutor Groups
Mr S Ennis 9AB
Ms A Caluori 9BH
Ms V Skinner (Mon-Thurs), Ms H Jurd (Fri) 9AL
Ms B Rakib 9BE
Ms A Barnes 9AE
Miss C Isbell 9BI
Mr H Wilkinson 9AN
Mr J Dewison 9BM


Year 10

Head of Year:  Mr R Jones
Assistant Head of Year 10: Ms J Makiyi

Year 10 Tutor Groups
Ms A Zediu 10AB
Ms J Struthers 10BH
Mr A Hield 10AL
Ms A Ashtari (Mon - Thurs), Mr S Millard (Fri) 10BE
Ms K Kirkham (Mon, Tues, Fri), Miss S Hicklin (Weds week A) Mr S Millard (Weds, Thurs) 10AE
Mr A King 10BI
Ms P Ferguson 10AN
Ms E Meimari 10BM

Year 11

Head of Year: Mr T Allen
Assistant Head of Year: Ms S Henriksson

Year 11 Tutor Groups
Ms L Ransom 11BH
Ms T Dee 11AL
Ms D Lynahping 11BE
Ms R Rose 11AE
Ms T Warren (Mon, Wed-Fri), Ms A Reuter (Tues) 11BI
Ms V Hall 11AN
Ms L Patsikas 11BM

Sixth Form

Head of Sixth Form: Mr A Scrivener 
Deputy Head of Sixth Form: Mr D Harris and Miss F Thomas

Sixth Form Tutor Groups


Mr J Preece (Wk A Mon-Fri, Wk B Tues- Fri), Ms M Preece (Mon Wk B)


Mr H Raymer


Ms L Waller


Ms V Vijaykumar
13BH Mr A Jones


Ms E Le Prevost


Ms S Benson


For more information about our Sixth Form please visit the Sixth Form area of the website

Sixth Form at Blenheim

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