The Examinations Page aims to provide external GCSE, GCE AS/A2 and BTEC details to students, parents and staff along with the exam rules and regulations. 

The main Public exams for both GCE and GCSE in 2020 will run until 24th June 2020. Timetables will be available later in the academic year.

The awarding bodies have designated Wednesday 24 June 2020 as a ‘contingency day’ for examinations. 

It is therefore advisable that all students remain available and in the country until 26th June 2020 so that they are able to respond in the event that any contingency plan needs to be enacted.

Students are not advised to book any holidays until after 26th June 2020.

If you have any further queries please contact the Examinations Officer:

Mrs. Karen Forbes-Turner

Tel: 01372 745333, ext 208  

Email Mrs. Forbes-Turner

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Key Dates 2020

2-13 March                        

Year 10 Mocks (Language listening exams TBC)

2-13 March                         

Year 11 Pre-Public Mock Exams (Core Subjects) and Mock 2 (Options: by invitation)

31 March – 1 April           

Year 11 GCSE Design and Technology (Textiles, Craft & Graphics) External Assessment

24 & 27 April                      

Year 11 Art GCSE External Assessment

28 April                                 

Year 11 German GCSE Speaking Exam (by individual appointment)

29 – 30 April                       

Year 11 Spanish GCSE Speaking Exams (by individual appointment)

29 – 30 April                       

Year 12 Art AS External Assessment

29 April – 1 May               

Year 13 Art A Level External Assessment

30 April                                 

Year 11 French GCSE Speaking Exams (by individual appointment)

5 May                                   

Year 13 A Level French Speaking Exams (by individual appointment)

6 May                                   

Year 13 A Level Spanish Speaking Exams (by individual appointment)

7 May                                   

Year 12 AS Spanish Speaking Exams (by individual appointment)

8 May                                  

Year 11, 12, 13 Non Exam Assessment (NEA) Appeal Deadline

11 May – 24 June             

Year 11, 12, 13 Summer 2020 Public Exams

26 June                               

JCQ National Emergency Exam Contingency Date – no holidays to be taken before this date

25 June                              

Year 13 Prom

26 June                               

Year 11 Prom

Exams Notices

Subjects, exam boards and codes

The documents below give details of the subjects, exam boards and specification codes studied at KS4 & KS5 at Blenheim High School by Year Group.

Exam Certificates

Certificates for exams sat within the 2018/19 academic year are available to collect from Reception. It will not be possible to send certificates home as they need to be signed for. 

Certificates are important documents and must be kept securely. 

Contact Mrs Forbes-Turner

JCQ notices below for current candidates:

Results Dates

GCE Results will be distributed on 13th August 2020.

GCSE Results will be distributed on 20th August 2020.

For further information regarding arrangements on our Results Days please click here to visit our dedicated page.

Post Results Services

Once results have been issued the Exams Office will be pleased to administer the following post results service to candidates:

  • Priority Re-marks (if applicable)
  • Non-priority remarks
  • Requests for exam scripts

Each of the above services are provided by passing on the exam board fee plus a small administration charge which is payable via ParentPay once the request form has been received by the Exam Office. Confirmation of fees will be available on this website once results have been issued and also provided within each candidates results pack. The  request form is also attached below. It will not be possible to process any remark request for a candidate until they have provided their full written consent as it needs to be accepted that the grade can move both up and down following a remark. Advice will be readily available to assess any risk of a negative impact to the overall grade.

Exam Scripts Opt Out Form

Post Results Services Information