Primary School Programme

Welcome to our Primary School Programme pages. At Blenheim we are passionate about both sharing our resources and engaging primary age students in learning, particularly in subjects that they will get to study more of at secondary school. 


We value our relationship with our Primary feeder schools, not only because we would like the transition process to be as smooth as possible, but also because we enjoy working with you as partner schools. 

We provide many opportunities with the sole purpose of helping and assisting your school. Whether it be the sharing of our facilities and equipment or offering opportunities that could help save some of your funding.

Below you will find details of everything on offer from our lessons in a box and our workshops to free tickets to our school production and sponsorship or prizes for your events. 

If you have any questions relating to any of the opportunities available please contact our Primary School & Transition Lead, Mrs A. Barnes.

Email Mrs A. Barnes

Lessons in a Box

Our lessons in a box are hugely popular as they offer access to equipment and resources not readily available to primary schools.

We have a range of lessons for you to use in your classrooms and there are plenty to choose from in the subjects of biology, chemistry, physics and technology.

Each come in a box with everything you need to run your lesson including comprehensive instructions and worksheets and results tables where appropriate. Your box is available to you for two weeks and can be collected from our Main Reception.

A complete list of the boxes available and booking form can be found by visiting the page below.

Find out more about Lessons in a Box

CPD and Training

As Primary School teachers, you have the awesome task of teaching every subject.  We understand that this can be challenging at times and would like to help you to feel more empowered in the subjects you are not sure about. 

We have put together a selection of sessions that we have outlined below but if there is something specific you would like us to help with, please contact our Primary School Liaisons Facilitator Mrs A. Barnes.

Contact Mrs A. Barnes

Art – Teaching Art is fun, however it is good to have a few hints and tips on how to help students progress.  We can run PPD’s on strategies for teaching painting and drawing techniques.  

PE – PE is crucial for health and fitness and for inspiring a new generation of sports people.  We can help with PPD’s for teaching PE for non-specialists – basketball, netball, football, rugby. Please ask if there is a specific sport you would like help with.  

Dance - A PPD on delivering Dance in Primary Schools, including how to teach movement to music and how to help students be creative with their own movements. I can also provide schemes of work which outline suitable topics to use and how to link them to other subjects. Dance helps young students understand the importance of exercise and healthy bodies, whilst being creative. 

Science – Science has shaped the world and will continue to develop humanity. However, teaching science is often most teacher’s nightmare. A blend of scientific knowledge with mathematical inquisition. Science is all about telling logical stories that grip the audience’s imagination. We can run PPD’s to help you plan lessons that challenge but also to make students have a better understanding of the world in which they live 

Spanish/French – Learning a language is so important in our Global Village and we believe that teaching of languages in Primary School is an asset to continuity into KS3 teaching & learning.  We can come and boost your confidence when teaching languages to ensure clear progression into KS3 and help in challenging students to not only learn another language, but also to improve their own knowledge of language through Spanish/French. 

Maths – At Blenheim we teach Maths using the ‘Mastery’ technique.  We can run PPD workshops on;- 

  • Mastery at KS3 
  • Teaching maths for deeper understanding 
  • Stretch and challenge at KS2/KS3

Theatre Production Tickets

Every other year we present a professional standard drama production which is held at the Leatherhead Theatre. Featuring well over two hundred students from throughout the school, whether they appear on stage, in the orchestra or are part of the technical and backstage teams, it is a great opportunity for Primary students to be inspired by past schoolmates and older students. It is also a very fun day out and a good way to reward your students for their hard work. 

Our next show will be held in 2025 and details will be released in 2024 along with how to book.

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