Staff List

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For any day to day queries regarding your child, the Head of Year should be your first point of call. They will then direct your query to the appropriate member of staff.

For any general enquiries or to request paper copies of any of the information on this website please contact

For any technical enquiries please contact the relevant member of our Helpdesk as outlined below.

Heads of Year

Key Stage 5/Sixth Form

Help Desks

ParentPay - Finance Team
ParentGateway - Mrs. H. Peacock
ParentMail - Mrs. H. Peacock
ICT Technical Support - Mrs. L. Baker
iPad Technical Support – Mrs P Hicks
Show My Homework - Mrs. L. Baker

Teaching Staff

Mr. G. Adams, Deputy Headteacher & Teacher of Geography
Mr. T. Allen, Teacher of PE
Dr. L. Amiritharaj,  (Dr. Raj), Teacher of Science 
Ms. A. Armstrong, Teacher of English, KS4 Coordinator & NQT Facilitator
Mrs. N. Anderson, Teacher of MFL, Head of French
Mr. M. Bacon, Teacher of Physics
Mrs. A. Barnes, KS3 Coordinator, Teacher of Science
Mr. A. Basic, Head of Art and Design
Mrs. S. Benson, Teacher of Humanities
Miss S. Bird, Student Progress Lead, Teacher of Maths
Dr. C Brookes, Head of Chemistry
Miss D. Bouch, Teacher of Maths
Miss J. Bowden, Assistant Headteacher, Pastoral Lead
Mr. B. Cole, Assistant Headteacher Inclusion
Mrs. F. Charles, International Link Consultant
Miss J. Dean, Head of BTEC Travel & Tourism
Miss G. De Lanerolle, Assistant Headteacher, Science Lead
Ms. T. Dee, KS4 Coordinator, Graphics Lead, Teacher of Technology
Mrs. C. Deuker, Head of Psychology
Mr. J. Dyer-Jones, Head of Government and Politics, Teacher of History
Mr. M. Everest, Assistant Headteacher Curriculum, Head of Year 7, Head of Technology & STEM
Miss P. Ferguson, Teacher of English
Ms. M. Fourie, Head of Physics
Miss C. Franks, Pupil Premium Facilitator
Mr. F. Gaitan-Mejia, Teacher of Science
Miss J. Glister, Head of Year 9, Head of Food Technology
Miss C. Green, Assistant Headteacher, English Lead
Ms. M. Hambleton, Head of Resistant Materials
Mrs. S. Hamid, Teacher of Science
Miss S. Harper,  Head of Year/Teacher of Maths
Mr. D. Harris, Deputy Head of 6th Form
Mrs. S Henriksson, EAL Practitioner
Miss S. Hicklin, Teacher of PE
Mr. A. Hield, Teacher of Maths, KS4 Coordinator
Miss A. Holland, Head of Year 11, Teacher of English
Mr. P. Hughes, Head of PE
Ms. C. Isbell, Teacher of Science, Raising Standards Lead
Miss H. James, Teacher of Drama and English & Assistant Head of Year
Mr A Jones, Head of Business
Miss H. Jurd, Teacher of Maths
Miss L. Kavanagh, Deputy Head of English, Teacher of English
Mr. J. Keys, Teacher of Maths & Head of Year 8
Mr. B. Kingsnorth, Head of Lifeskills & Wellbeing
Mrs. K. Kirkham, Head of History, Head of Year 13
Mr. C. Kolber, Teacher of Science, Raising Standards Lead
Ms. E. Le Prevost, Head of Dance
Mr. J. Lee Kim, Teacher of PE with Spanish
Mr. J. Lewis, Teacher of English
Miss P. Liew, Teacher of Maths
Mrs. D. Lynahping, Head of ICT
Miss J. Macdonald, Head of Health & Social Care
Miss L. McConnell, Head of Spanish, Teacher of MFL
Ms. E. Meimari, Teacher of Maths - Key Stage 5 Coordinator
Mr. S. Millard, Director of Chelsea Football Academy & Teacher of P.E.
Mrs. H. Mifflin, EAL & Teacher of English
Ms. S. Mooneegan, Assistant Headteacher, Raising Standards Lead
Mr. R. Moss, Teacher of PE with Maths
Mr. C. Mundy, Assistant Headteacher, Designated Safeguarding Lead, Teacher of Geography
Ms. L. Patsikas, Teacher of PE
Miss C.Penson, Teacher of Technology, Assistant Head of Year 8
Mrs. H. Pickett, Assistant Headteacher, Maths Lead,Gold Duke of Edinburgh Lead
Mr. J. Preece, Assistant Headteacher, Head of 6th Form, Teacher of RS and General Studies
Mrs. M. Preece, Teacher of Sociology and Humanities
Mrs. A. Randall, Head of Drama and Film Studies
Mrs. A. Reuter, Head of GCSE PE
Ms. J. Ricketts, SENCO
Miss L. Riley, Assistant Headteacher, ITT and Head of MFL
Mrs. R. Rose, Head of Textiles
Ms. E. Sevenoaks, Teacher of English & Pupil Premium Literacy Lead
Mr. D. Shortt, Head of Media Studies & Teacher of English
Mrs. V. Skinner, Teacher of Science, Child Development
Mr. T. Smithson, Head of BTEC Sport, Teacher of Geography & Head of Year 10
Ms. E. Stiles, Teacher of MFL
Ms. J Taylor, Head of Music
Mrs. S. Turpie, Teacher of Art & Design
Miss J. Struthers, Head of KS5 English
Miss F. Thomas, Head of Sociology
Mr. A. Thompson, Teacher of History & Geography
Mr. C. Trivino-Ballesteros, Pupil Premium Facilitator
Ms. V. Vijayakumar, Teacher of Maths, Raising Standards Lead
Mrs. T. Warren, Teacher of History
Mr. M. Webb, SEN Teacher
Mr R White, Teacher of Geography
Mrs. C. Whitear, Teacher of P.E.
Ms. L. Wright, Teacher of Maths, KS3 Coordinator
Ms. R. Wybrow, Teacher of English, Transition Lead



Support Staff

Mrs. L. Athawes, Teaching Assistant
Mrs. L. Baker, Network Administrator
Mrs. L. Beecher, Teaching Assistant
Ms J. Bennett, Cover Supervisor
Mr. K. Bhogal, Director of Finance and Operations
Mrs. S. Buller, Finance & HR Assistant 
Mrs. S. Burton, Technician
Ms. B. Buttery, Senior Science Technician
Mrs. S. Button, Reprographics and Stationery Clerk
Mrs. M. Chalke, Digital Resource and Learning Manager
Mrs. D. Clarkson, Teaching Assistant
Mrs J. Conway, Teaching Assistant
Mr P Davies, IT Services Technician
Mrs. J. Davis, Curriculum Admin Support Assistant
Mr. T. Duggan, Site Supervisor
Mrs. M. Ferguson, PA to Pastoral Lead
Mrs. K. Forbes-Turner, Examinations Officer
Mrs. R. Gale, Receptionist
Mrs. K. Goodall, Teaching Assistant
Mrs. S. Gupta, Teaching Assistant
Mrs. D. Hall, Teaching Assistant
Mrs. L. Harris, Teaching Assistant
Mrs. M. Hart, P.A. to Headteacher
Mrs. P. Hicks, iPad Support Administrator
Mr. M. Hockham, Estates Caretaker
Mr. R. Hutchinson, Estates Caretaker
Mrs. T. Knight, Learning Resources and 6th Form Study Centre Manager
Mrs. F. Kann, Admissions Officer
Mrs. N. Korkis, Finance Assistant
Mrs S. Lane, SIMs Manager
Mrs. T. Leon, Pastoral Facilitator
Mrs. E. Matthews, Human Resources Advisor
Mrs. S. McClarance, Attendance Officer
Ms. T. McCarthy, Teaching Assistant
Mrs. L. Mew, 6th Form Administrator
Mr. I. Michie, Assistant Network Manager
Miss M. Moon, Teaching Assistant
Mrs. J. Nelson, Senior Teaching Assistant
Mr. V. Nicholls, Technician
Ms. N. O'Mahoney, Teaching Assistant
Mrs. C. Paget, Fundraising & Lettings Coordinator
Mrs. H. Peacock, Office Support - Student Database Administrator Parent Gateway
Mrs. N. Popovich, Finance Officer
Mr. S Potts, IT Services Manager
Mr. L. Salter, Estates Caretaker
Mrs. N. Sarathchandra, Teaching Assistant
Mrs. P. Singh, Science Technician
Mr. R. Singleton, Safeguarding & Child Protection Officer
Ms. A. Sivakova, CPA Technician
Mrs. T. Tedder, Food Technician, Subject Support Assistant
Mrs. M. Topson, Pastoral Facilitator
Mrs. R. Viggiani, Clerk to the Governors
Mrs. J. Watson, Careers Education Adviser