Aims of the Sixth Form

  • Ensure all students fulfil their potential
  • Celebrate individual success (See Rewards and Incentives section)
  • Develop independent, responsible and active citizens
  • Create a thriving community in which all members are respected and supported

What do we expect of our Sixth Form Students?

  • 100% attendance and punctuality.
  • An active involvement in the school community.
  • A positive attitude to study.
  • To communicate with their teachers.
  • To deserve to be treated like adults.
  • To become people who universities and employers want.
  • To dress appropriately.
  • To balance academic study with a social life.

What happens if a student is not achieving?

  • The Cause for Concern system
  • Letters home 
  • Weekly reports
  • Supervised private study
  • Removal of privileges
  • Meetings with parents/carers

What is our dress code?

The way students dress in the Sixth Form is very important, and a basic standard of dress suitable for a professional, co-educational environment is expected for all students.  Sixth Form students are encouraged to set an example to lower school and we hope to leave it to students to make sensible judgements but the following code is in place:

  • Clothing should be clean and tidy – no ripped jeans.
  • Sensible and inoffensive dress is required at all times.
  • Shorts or skirts should be of a sensible length .
  • Beach or surfing shorts are not allowed.
  • Heels should be kept to a sensible height.
  • Cropped tops, vest tops and replica sports strips may not be worn. Shoulders and tattoos must be covered.
  • Hats may not be worn inside the school buildings.
  • No body piercing should be visible.
  • PE kit should be suitable to the sport being played.