Aims of the Sixth Form

  • Ensure all students fulfil their potential
  • Celebrate individual success (See Rewards and Incentives section)
  • Develop independent, responsible and active citizens
  • Create a thriving community in which all members are respected and supported

What do we expect of our Sixth Form Students?

  • 100% attendance and punctuality.
  • An active involvement in the school community.
  • A positive attitude to study.
  • To communicate with their teachers.
  • To deserve to be treated like adults.
  • To become people who universities and employers want.
  • To dress appropriately.
  • To balance academic study with a social life.

Sixth Form Home School Agreement

What happens if a student is not achieving?

  • The Cause for Concern system
  • Letters home 
  • Weekly reports
  • Supervised private study
  • Removal of privileges
  • Meetings with parents/carers

What is our dress code?

The dress code for the Sixth Form is business smart. There are several reasons for this. 

  • Sixth Form students have cited that the current smart casual dress code involves students having to purchase clothes that they may only wear at school. This is because the clothes are neither smart nor casual.
  • Business smart helps prepare Sixth Form students for interviews and professional work.
  • Business smart protects students from social pressures to dress in a particular way.
  • Sixth Form students should set an example to main school students. 
  • Business smart allows students to exercise some personal clothing preferences when compared to wearing uniform.

Sixth Form students should wear their lanyards at all times.




Blazer/Suit Jacket


Trousers with belt or skirts

No jeans, skirts must be no shorter than two inches above the knee.

Blouse or Shirt and tie

Shirts must be tucked in and a tie must also be worn. Shirt top button must be fastened, and tie pulled up over the button. Sixth Form and student leadership ties to be made available.

Business dresses

Dresses must not be overly revealing and must be no shorter than two inches above the knee.


If tights are worn, they must be black, blue, brown or flesh coloured

Leather polishable shoes or boots






Coats must not be worn around the school site. They must be left in lockers, bags or form rooms

Tracksuits (Unless Chelsea Academy)


Caps, hats or hoods up

Clothing that is overly revealing (e.g. vest tops/low cuts tops/crop tops, no midriffs)

Clothing with logos or slogans

Hoodies around the school site. They may be worn to and from school only

Very short skirts or shorts

Extremes of hair colour and style

Visible tattoos

Sports team tops

Trainers, including plain black polishable trainers (e.g. Nike or Kickers)

Flip flops/sliders

*Pupil premium students should speak to Mr Cole about how the school can help with funding for business attire. If students are concerned about the cost of business attire, please reach out, in confidence, for financial support from Mr Bodell at headteacher@blenheim.surrey.sch.uk.

Silver School Mental Health Award