School Vision and Ethos

School Vision

'To be recognised as an outstanding school at the heart of the community; a place where great leaders and inspirational people work together to provide the broadest possible school experience and ensure that all Blenheim students achieve their full potential.'

School Ethos

Blenheim operates on a Growth Mindset where the characteristics of hard work, resilience, innovation and improvement are modelled and expected each day. Growth mindset combined with well researched teaching and learning strategies and student expectations, supported by the characteristics of the #TeamBlenheim community, ensures that Blenheim continues to maximise its potential and develops into an outstanding school.

The following are the fundamental pillars of Blenheim's Ethos;

1. Growth Mindset

“In a growth mindset, people believe that their most basic abilities can be developed through dedication and hard work; brains and talent are just a starting point. This view creates a love of learning and also a resilience that is essential for great accomplishment” - Dweck, 2015.  The characteristics of work ethic, resilience, innovation and improvement are central to our work.  


The Blenheim community is comprehensive and co-educational with its whole being greater than the sum of its parts. The British values of tolerance, mutual respect, liberty, democracy and the rule of law all inform our daily practices. All students are cared for, unique and equally different.  

3. Teaching, Learning and next steps

High quality teaching and learning coupled with clear, consistent next steps advice ensures that every student is afforded the best chance of realising their academic potential, and developing into an independent learner. In addition, clear, consistent use of up to ten “typical best practices” in each lesson optimises the Blenheim learning experience.  

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In order for Blenheim to realise its vision, the 2023-24 academic year has the following 5 priorities.

1. Teaching and Learning

For there to be a continuing focus on the quality of Teaching and Learning. This work will be led by the Assistant Headteacher - Teaching and Learning Lead who will be supported by several middle management Teaching and Learning Leads. A deliberate and sustained focus on literacy will continue to play a central role in raising the quality of Teaching and Learning.

2. Attendance

For whole school attendance levels to improve from 2022-23. Aside from Safeguarding, nothing is more important than students’ attendance at school. There are two goals for the school to achieve; to create a culture of high levels of school attendance and to target the relatively small proportion of students who are severely and persistently absent. 

3. Finance 

To secure and deliver capital projects as part of the wider fiscal and financial management of the academy, and to ensure that the academy maximises its revenue generating capacity. 

4. Co-curricular

For Blenheim to effectively develop its comprehensive Co-Curricular programme delivering high levels of provision outside of the classroom, ensuring that through strong levels of Co-Curricular attendance students are helped to develop into ‘good people’ as well as achieve ‘great grades’.  The High Performers’ Programme will continue to contribute to the Co-Curricular student experience along with the Chelsea FC Blenheim Academy, the Blenheim Ambition Dance Academy, the Blenheim Golf Academy and the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Scheme. 

5. The Arete Partnership

As a single academy trust, Blenheim will benefit from the collaborative opportunities that the Arete Partnership provides. Staff and student development opportunities will benefit both individuals and the Blenheim Community. 



Silver School Mental Health Award