Welcome to Blenheim High School.

Blenheim is a dynamic, innovative and supportive secondary school which opened in September 1997 with one year group and has grown to its current size of 1311 students on roll including 200 in the Sixth Form.

Blenheim is a mixed comprehensive academy and in the recent past has become very popular. The intake comprises of students from all surrounding areas with ability levels being favourable; over 50% of all students boast high prior attainment at the end of Key Stage 2.

Year 7 Admissions 2017-2022

Year 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022
Number of Year 7 Students recruited 188 209 234 248 248 248
Waiting List - - - 44 135 104

As a community, we strive to ensure that Blenheim students are afforded every opportunity to reach their potential both inside and outside the classroom. Inside the classroom, rigorous monitoring of the consistency and quality of teaching, quality of assessments and the impact of feedback have ensured that students flourish. Outside of the classroom, sporting, musical, artistic, dramatic, STEM and other extra curricular activities including an extended day, ensure that students continue to benefit from a rich co-curricular experience that develops them as students and as people.

Blenheim sets high standards in terms of uniform with ten ‘non-negotiables’ and there are strict expectations regarding behaviour and conduct. Ofsted described Blenheim as ‘calm, orderly and purposeful’ and our students as ‘respectful, kind and courteous’, which is what we expect and see every day.

As we prepare our students to take up their place in society we actively encourage them to take personal responsibility and to become independent learners. Part of this process involves the integration of iPads across the curriculum. Over 99% of Blenheim students own their iPad as part of our iPad for Learning Scheme. Technological evolution is insatiable and we believe this approach is key to ensuring that Blenheim students develop attributes that will allow them to adapt in a rapidly changing world. The iPad complements daily teaching and allows students to easily access a multitude of interactive and innovative resources both in and away from school. Parents/Carers enjoy the safety that the iPad brings due to it being firewalled by Blenheim software.

Choosing a secondary school is a crucial decision-making process and I hope the information in our prospectus, at our Open Mornings and Evening along with a tour of the school helps you to make a genuinely informed decision.

Should you wish to arrange a tour outside of the scheduled dates, please contact Blenheim’s Admissions Officer, Mrs Kann, at: admissions@blenheim.surrey.sch.uk.

In the meantime, thank you for considering Blenheim.

Mr A. A. Bodell, Headteacher


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