Welcome to Blenheim High School.

Blenheim High School is a co-educational academy in Surrey with state of the art facilities.

Blenheim’s ethos revolves around a growth mind-set where students are actively encouraged to develop the characteristics of wanting to improve, being open to new ideas, working hard and demonstrating resilience. These characteristics are crucial for many reasons, but not least because the new National Curriculum, new GCSE and new A level examinations are more challenging than ever. Growth mind-set also significantly informs the ten Blenheim behaviours which are equally accessible to all students irrespective of background, circumstance or ability. They are behaviours that will give Blenheim students the ‘edge’ when they move into the workplace or higher education.

Our curriculum is designed to ensure that students of all abilities realise their potential and achieve the best public examination outcomes possible. This is achieved through high levels of consistency in terms of teaching practices, the setting of homework and the challenge of regular assessments. Through these practices students clearly understand where they are in their learning and crucially what their ‘next steps’ are. ‘Next steps’ advice for each student coupled with adequate reflection time ensures smooth and sustained progress over time. Where students find topics difficult or have misunderstood, the school’s extended day provides support so students can ‘catch up’ quickly.

As we prepare our students to take up their place in society we actively encourage them to become independent learners. Part of this process has involved the integration of iPads across the curriculum so that every student either owns or has access to one. Technological evolution is insatiable and we believe this approach is key to ensuring that our students develop attributes that will allow them to adapt in a rapidly changing world. The iPad complements daily teaching and allows students to easily access a multitude of interactive and innovative resources.

Outside the curriculum we promote competition and co-operation through the House system as well as running a range of extra - curricular activities in the Arts, Sports, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) and department based clubs. We set high standards in terms of uniform with several ‘non-negotiables’ and have strict expectations regarding behaviour both in and out of the classroom. Visitors often comment on the calm, purposeful atmosphere around the school.

Choosing a secondary school is a crucial decision–making process and I hope the information in our prospectus along with a tour of the school helps inform the process. 

Mr A A Bodell