Why is homework important?

Homework is vital to students' progress at school and makes a big difference to the learning process. Without any doubt, students who are successful at GCSE and at A level are those who have developed independent learning skills over the Key Stages and have put time and effort into their learning outside of school.

Homework Timetables

At the start of each academic year, students will be given a homework timetable. Copies of these can be downloaded at the bottom of this page. They must highlight on their subject timetable in their planner, the lessons when homework will be set. The homework timetable is provided so that students know when to expect homework; it is designed to enable them to keep on top of their work, as well as manage their time effectively. Homework will be set at the times specified on the timetable for all subjects. There may occasionally be times when extra homework is set, for example, before a Key Assessment or exam.  For creative subjects homework may be in the form of rehearsals or extended projects.

Download our Homework Timetables 2023-24

How much homework will I be set?

At Key Stage 3 students will be set x 1 piece of homework per week in Maths, English, Science & MFL. They will be set x 1 piece of homework every two weeks in other subjects. Each piece of homework should take approximately 30 minutes to complete.

At Key Stage 4 students will be set x 2 pieces of homework for Maths, English and each Science and x 1 piece of homework per week for all option subjects. Each piece of homework should take approximately 45 minutes to complete.

Using Satchel One

Teachers may put homework they have set onto the Satchel One website, along with any useful resources to help students complete their homework. Students can log into Satchel One using their personal username and password or by using the same log in details for school computers.

It is the students' responsibility to:

1) Check Satchel One for further information and resources

2) Complete homework the night it is set and to their best ability

3) Hand all homework in on time. Failure to hand in on time will result in a homework code and detention.

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