High Performers' Programme


At Blenheim, all our students are equally different and have a wide range of interests, skills and abilities. Each student is passionate and talented in at least one area of school life and many of our students excel in more than one area.

The primary objective of the High Performers’  Programme is to provide an extra-curricular platform that encourages high performing students to further develop their characteristics and attributes in those areas of the curriculum, that genuinely interest them and which may, in time, inform their future and career pathways.

In the curriculum, high performing students are already supported and challenged in a number of ways through high quality:

  • Teaching and learning
  • Management of student groupings and peer experience
  • Whole class questioning that facilitates maximum student engagement from high performing students
  • Mentoring
  • Appropriate level of challenge in the classroom using the Tough, Tougher and Toughest tasks
  • Careers intervention, both ‘in and out’ of the classroom
  • Bespoke academic support through the extended day

Beyond the curriculum, there are a number of extra-curricular clubs including Art, Photography, Technology, Debating, Philosophy and Film, Microbiology, Drama, History, Sociology, Latin, MFL, Sport and Chemistry.

The High Performers’ Programme is an extension of this extra-curricular provision that seeks to develop students’ independence, aspiration and ambition through exposure to high quality support and challenge.

High performing students engaged in the programme will also receive high quality careers advice, which will ensure they are well-informed regarding their next steps as they progress through Blenheim into Sixth Form.

If you have any questions regarding our High Performers' Programme please contact the Assistant Headteacher: Inclusion and DSL, Mr. B. Cole.

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Student Selection

A High Performer is defined as a student who demonstrates at least one of the following traits in at least one area of the curriculum:

  • High levels of attainment
  • High levels of progress
  • A great work ethic

Years 8, 9 10 and 11

Students are selected onto the High Performers’ Programme in one of two ways:-

1. The 12 highest achievers across the curriculum in each year group at the end of each academic year are selected and remain on the programme for the duration of the academic year.  Where necessary, students will be mentored to help ensure they remain motivated through the year. 

2. Individual subject departments identify high performing students in their subjects.  These students are catered for both within and beyond the curriculum in specific subject areas.  

The section of the co-curricular timetable below displays the activities which are aimed at the highest performing students at Blenheim.

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