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We want every student at Blenheim to be fully prepared for a world where digital technology is transforming work and social life at an explosive pace.  So far, much of this digital revolution is bypassing education.  Technology has now reached a level of maturity where it can be effectively applied in mainstream education without the technical difficulties encountered in the past. 

Our iPads for Learning Scheme allows every student to have access to top quality digital technology as and when needed for their learning.  Introduced in September 2013, the Scheme enables students’ learning and progress to be greatly improved by increasing access to digital technology. Every student at Blenheim High School has or has daily access to a personal device.

The school has invested heavily in infrastructure to ensure it can support large numbers of iPads.  Staff are fully trained on the scheme and the huge potential offered by this exciting technology and we have excellent links with Apple UK and GBM Digital Technologies, an Apple Education Reseller, to ensure we get the best possible value for money.

The use of technology to this level allows us to provide challenging and engaging lessons in which students receive highly personalised feedback leading to greater levels of independence, self-motivation and creativity.

We cannot offer this technology without financial support from parents/carers and families joining the scheme contribute to the costs on a monthly basis.  The iPad remains the property of the school throughout the duration of the scheme, but there will be the option to own the device at the end of the scheme.

Joining the iPads for Learning Scheme

We have two schemes running one after the other. This ensures that all students have a new iPad to support them throughout their GCSE years in KS4.

Scheme 1 - a two year scheme running from year 7 - 8 with two years insurance against  accidental damage.

Scheme 2* - a three year refresh scheme running from year 9 - year 11 with three years insurance against accidental damage. 

*It is a requirement that all parents/carers join the refresher scheme to ensure students benefit from an up-to-date, reliable device which is fully insured.

For students entering the school mid-year or at the start of year 8, 9, 10 or 11, the school will advise parents on the best course of action. 

How the schemes work 

  • At the beginning of each scheme, parents/carers can place an order for an iPad using our online registration portal on the school website. We will provide the opening & closing dates for orders, prior to the scheme starting.
  • During registration parents enter their bank details for monthly iPad contributions. These monthly payments vary depending on the length of the scheme. For example payments for the two-year scheme are slightly higher because of the shorter time frame. 
  • The payments cover more than an iPad alone. Each iPad is supplied with a protective case, all paid apps, 200GB of iCloud storage, worldwide insurance and warranty and the full backup and technical support available in school for the duration of the scheme. 
  • Before each scheme starts, Blenheim will decide which model and specification of iPad will be made available. This will be based on current value for money and the potential lifespan of the device. We will also set a deadline for orders and inform parents of these details.
  • When the deadline is reached, we will confirm an order for the correct amount of iPads, and our supplier arranges delivery to Blenheim. This is why it is imperative orders are placed before the deadline, so students receive their iPad at the same time in order for consistency in lessons.
  • Once the iPads are with us, they are unpacked and prepared by the IT Support team. Sessions are then arranged to distribute the iPad to each student, usually in tutor groups. These sessions cover the initial set up of the iPad ready for school use along with some ground rules the students must adhere to.

Sign up Portal Year 7 -  iPads for Learning scheme

Sign up Portal Year 9 -  iPads for Learning scheme

Please contact Mrs Chalke if you have any questions.

Managed Apple IDs

An Apple ID is an account which allows the user to sign into the App Store or iTunes, in order to download apps or make purchases.

Many students and parents already have personal Apple IDs before they join the iPads for Learning scheme, especially if they already own an iPad or iPhone, this does not have to be set up for school.

We provide each student with a unique Apple ID called a Managed Apple ID.  

Managed Apple IDs are used for specific purposes such as taking backups of student iPads - they cannot be used to download apps from the App Store, instead we have created our own Blenheim App Portal for students to download apps that have been authorised by the Blenheim.

To install school apps and configure settings such as email accounts, the school uses a Mobile Device Management system (MDM).  The MDM is used to send apps and settings to all student iPads.

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