iPads for Learning Scheme

Every student at Blenheim needs to be prepared for a world with digital technology.

Blenheim’s goal continues to be for every student to receive the best possible education, including having access to top quality digital technology. When used to support traditional classroom based learning, one to one technology such as the iPad improves feedback between teacher and student, aids collaboration and encourages creativity. Focused and personal study becomes easier with the range of educational apps available, resources from the internet, e-books and Showbie that allow students to easily access subject content. The role of technology in remote learning through the iPad enables students to continue their studies seemingly both in school and at home.

Key Benefits include;

  • Improves the quality of feedback between teacher and student.
  • Allows easy, timely access to a multitude of resources via the Blenheim App Portal.
  • Improves access to individual lesson materials through interactive platforms. 
  • Ensures students benefit from the blending of traditional handwritten work and mobile digital technology.
  • Provides safeguarding assurance thanks to Blenheim’s own firewalls and filtering systems.

Why iPads?

There are a large range of tablet computers available, some cheaper than the iPad. Blenheim chose the iPad for the following reasons:

  • Managed Apple IDs allow a high degree of control over the iPad.
  • Blenheim’s Mobile Device Management (MDM) system is able to remotely manage the iPads, pushing apps out, monitoring battery capacity and iPad memory, as well as locking an iPad where necessary.
  • The iPad is proven to be reliable and durable and is by far the most widely used tablet in education worldwide.
  • Software from the App Store is high quality, carefully vetted and there is a huge range of free and paid educational apps.
  • Through Apple’s Volume Purchasing Program, Blenheim is able to get up to 50% discount on apps.
  • Many families already own an iPad, iPod or iPhone, so are familiar with the technology.
  • Apple TV and software such as Air Server, allow students to share their work with the class through the interactive whiteboard in each classroom.

About the 5 year Scheme

Each student iPad is fitted with the school management profile which ensures high levels of security and enables each student to receive the correct applications to support their learning. In addition, Blenheim has a wireless network function and high-speed fibre optic broadband to ensure the iPads operate effectively during the school day. 

Two consecutive schemes operate over the five years of a Blenheim student’s education.  The first provides an iPad in Year 7 and 8 (KS3) and the second provides an upgrade to a new device at the beginning of Year 9 in readiness for GCSE years (KS4).

Parent/carer support is in the form of a monthly contribution over the two and then three years of the schemes (KS3/KS4).  At the end of each scheme, providing all contributions are up to date, the school management profile is removed from the iPad and it becomes a personal device owned by parents/carers.

For students entering the school mid-year or at the start of year 8, 9, 10 or 11, the school will advise parents on the best course of action. 

Joining the iPads for Learning Scheme

  • At the beginning of each scheme, parents/carers can place an order for an iPad using our online registration portal.  
  • During registration parents enter their bank details for monthly iPad contributions. These monthly Direct Debits vary depending on the length of the scheme. For example, contributions for the two-year scheme are slightly higher because of the shorter time frame. 
  • The contributions cover more than an iPad alone. Each iPad is supplied with a protective case, all paid apps, 200GB of iCloud storage, worldwide insurance and warranty and the full backup and technical support available in school for the duration of the scheme. 
  • Before each scheme starts, Blenheim decides which model and specification of iPad will be made available. This will be based on current value for money and the potential lifespan of the device. We will also set a deadline for orders and inform parents of these details.
  • iPads are prepared by the IT Support team and given to students during a dedicated lesson. These sessions cover the initial set up of the iPad ready for school use along with some ground rules for students to follow.

Year 7 iPads for Learning Portal

Year 9 iPads for Learning Portal 

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Managed Apple IDs

Blenheim encourages safe, responsible use of technology in order to prepare students for the world outside of school. Students joining the scheme will be provided with a Managed Apple ID. An Apple ID is an account which allows the user to sign into the App Store or iTunes, in order to download apps or make purchases. These Managed Apple IDs are created and controlled by the school, so resetting passwords is easy, and no set up by students is required.  Students will not be able to download games or access the App Store, iTunes, YouTube or the iBook Store. This ensures the iPad is principally a tool for learning. 

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