Film Studies

Film Studies at Blenheim is designed to deepen the students’ understanding, appreciation and enjoyment of film: the major art form of the twentieth century and a cultural form still of great significance at the beginning of the new millennium.

Students will study cinema as a medium, as an art form and as a social and economic institution. They will examine a wide range of different kinds of film, developing skills in observation, critical analysis and personal reflection. It is a blend of analytical and creative skills where students will evaluate the meaning and impact of film texts and produce their own creative projects.

At Blenheim we aim to enrich the student’s experience of the industry both in and out of the classroom context. We have had guest speakers visit Blenheim, as well as attending private film screenings in London, Q & A sessions with actors, directors and producers as well as regularly visiting the BFI to further complement the students’ exploration of Film Studies.

Useful Links

The British Film Institute

The charity ‘Into film’ supports film education in schools

The London Film museum

The British Board of Classification

Internet Movie database

The UK film website that focuses on all areas of the industry.