Leadership Team & Key Contacts

Wider Leadership Team

Mr. A. A. Bodell Headteacher
Mr. G. Adams Deputy Headteacher
Mr. K. Bhogal Director of Finance and Operations
Mr. J. Preece Assistant Headteacher, Head of 6th Form
Mrs. C. Green

Assistant Headteacher, English lead

Mrs H. Pickett Assistant Headteacher, Maths lead
Ms. J. Bowden Assistant Headteacher, Pastoral lead
Miss G. De Lanerolle Assistant Headteacher, Science lead
Mr. B. Cole Assistant Headteacher, Inclusion
Ms. S. Mooneegan Assistant Headteacher, Raising Standards Lead
Mr M. Everest Acting Assistant Headteacher, Curriculum
Mr. C. Mundy Assistant Headteacher, Safeguarding and Designated
Safeguarding lead
Miss L. Riley Assistant Headteacher, Lead and Head of MFL


Safeguarding Team

Mr C. Mundy Designated Safeguarding Lead
Mr R. Singleton Safeguarding Officer
Mrs H. Peacock Safeguarding Officer
Mr M. Everest Safeguarding Officer
Mr J. Keys Safeguarding Officer
Miss J. Glister Safeguarding Officer
Mr T. Smithson Safeguarding Officer
Miss J. Bowden Safeguarding Officer
Mr D. Harris Safeguarding Officer
Mr J. Preece Safeguarding Officer
Miss F. Thomas Safeguarding Officer

Heads of Year

For any day to day queries regarding your child the Head of Year should be your first point of call. They will then direct your query to the appropriate member of staff.

Mr. M. Everest Year 7
Mr. J. Keys Year 8
Miss J. Glister Year 9
Mr. T. Smithson Year 10
Miss A. Holland Year 11



For technical issues please contact our support team below.

Finance Team

Mrs H. Peacock  ParentGateway
Mrs L. Baker ICT Technical Support
Mrs P. Hicks iPad Technical Support
Mrs L. Baker Show My Homework