House System

House Coordinator - Mr Shortt

Running through the heart of Blenheim High School is its vertically tiered House system. This system comprises of four houses each named after a former Epsom Derby winner and each with their own distinct House colour.

The Houses and House colours are:

Nashwan (1989 winner) Octavius (1812 winner) Sinndar (2000 winner) Tulyar (1952 winner)
Red Green Blue Yellow


Every student is placed within one of four houses when they first join the School which really helps to bring different year groups together. They are also constantly reminded of their allegiance by the colour on their school tie and their Tutor Group. Every Tutor Group is allocated one house so all students from that group are gaining points for their house. In years 7 and 8 the second letter of the Tutor Group name is the first letter of their house. For example 7OF is Octavius.

Joining each student, every staff member is also allocated a house which establishes great relationships between all students and staff as they represent a shared identity, something that is hugely evident at Blenheim’s annual Sports Day in the Summer Term.

Throughout the school year, there are numerous House events and competitions whereby students can win points for their House or just support others who are competing. These events create a huge buzz around the school and bring out the competitive side in all. The events can be sporting, such as football and netball competitions, but points are also won throughout the year for commitment to enrichment activities, attitude to learning scores, attendance, quiz results and many more.

The house system also links closely with the school's Reward System whereby pupils can achieve points towards their house totals through amassing individual merits for numerous reasons such as effort in class or demonstrating responsibility and respect.

An indication of which term House Events take place can be found below.


  • House Football
  • House Netball 
  • House Socrative Quiz
  • House Drama
  • Science Week Quiz
  • House Poetry Competition


  • House Benchball
  • House Tag Rugby
  • House Maths Challenge
  • House Design Challenge
  • House MasterChef
  • House Music


  • Sports Day
  • House Rounders
  • House FIFA Tournament
  • House Dance 
  • Live House Quiz
  • House Creative Writing

Last year Sinndar took the crown in the Sports Day Competition and Tulyar for the House Competition. No doubt everyone will be working hard to make sure the trophies have their house on it next year!


Head of Nashwan: Miss Ferguson

Nashwan is the name of a great and successful race horse who had numerous successes in the late 1980’s including a win at the Epsom Derby. Unfortunately the house Nashwan, does not always have quite the same amount of success but the collective team certainly has the horse's spirit and determination.

The Nashwan house is made up of students from all the year groups, including Sixth Form and together we unite! Our ethos is to work hard and to play hard and our community spirit illustrates many qualities exemplified by successful teams, businesses and individuals. If Bradley Wiggins or Jessica Ennis came to Blenheim High School I am sure they would have been in Nashwan. During our House assemblies we will regularly reminisce over the 2012 Olympics and what it meant to all of us, as the leader of Nashwan I have great pleasure in supporting the students and where possible promoting the Olympic legacy.

Being part of Nashwan is not all about being a top athlete, instead it is about supporting one another with positive encouragement and working to the best of ones ability throughout school life. This means that Nashwan can succeed in many areas, including attendance, attitude to learning scores and merits that are awarded for work and effort.

Every student and member of staff that is attached to Nashwan shares a dream, not only to succeed but to be recognised as cooperative, well rounded individuals that show compassion and a positive attitude to life in general. Whether we win or not, I know deep down that Nashwan truly is the greatest team in the world.

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Head of House: Mr King

Octavius is named, as the school, after a racehorse that won the Epsom Derby. 

The Octavius house colour is green and the mascot is the powerful Tyrannosaurus Rex. Octavius house truly believe in the school’s motto ‘believe and achieve’ and we aim to have the highest house point score this year!

Assemblies are a key part of the house system and we use this time to create a real sense of community within Octavius.   We regularly award students who have demonstrated good effort in class, excellent attitude to learning scores on their reports and those who have collected a significant number of merits.   We actively attempt to recognise and reward not only the high achievers or those who improve their learning and behaviour, but the child who always works hard and looks smart, with excellent behaviour.

The team building activities organised through the house system are important for helping students develop team building skills.  By working together in house teams students can understand others' differences while developing a sense of shared identity.   We believe that students should be taught the skills to become lifelong learners if they are to be successful in the future and this includes understanding how to be an effective part of a community.

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Head of House: Mr Lewis

Sinndar, it’s time to bite back!

Winning four years in a row four years ago has left Sinndar hungry.  We will regain the title and get back into first place.  We are ambitious, enthusiastic and committed to winning. Whether it be sport, the arts, attitude to learning or attendance, we do the best in everything we do.

We value every member of our team and our newly appointed Sinndar Sports and Creative Arts Captains are at the forefront of supporting us to succeed. We know that we have the ability to be our best, not just the best.
Individually we are one drop, together we are an ocean.

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Heads of House: Miss Bennett

Tulyar, the home of the brave and the true.

PROUD of our house, our abilities and our achievements.
BRAVE, we take risks and are not afraid to get involved.
TRUE, we are true to ourselves and will always be able to say "I did my best".

As the home of the reigning champions, we take competition seriously. We encourage all students to let their abilities shine and give it a go; collecting as many house points as possible.

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Silver School Mental Health Award