Rewards & Incentives

The ‘House Point’ rewards system is an integral part of ensuring all students fulfil their personal and academic potential as it encourages them to be the best in all that they do.

We very much want our young people to be proud of being a Blenheim student and be proud of what they achieve. We reward students to recognise and appreciate their high standard of performance and have designed our system to try and allow all students regardless of their talent or ability to perform highly in one or more of the following categories;

  • Attendance
  • Punctuality
  • Resilience
  • Kindness
  • House Points Total
  • Progress in Learning
  • Behaviour for Learning
  • Attitude to learning
  • Contribution to their HOUSE
  • Tutor Group ‘Super-Star’
  • Commitment to homework
  • Subject Awards

As well as being rewarded individually in these categories each student’s performance in all these categories is combined and continuously collated and tracked throughout their school year. A students overall performance is then recognised as reaching either the Bronze, Silver or Gold badge standard. A student should aim to achieve a Bronze badge by the end of term 1, a Silver badge by the end of term 2 and a Gold badge by the end of term 3 and their academic year. When a student achieves each badge standard they will receive certain awards, privileges and incentives. 

As well as students receiving prizes, badges, certificates, postcards and praise emails to parents, they will also receive verbal praise, stamps and stickers in their books and be entered into badge specific raffles. In the summer term many students will also receive subject specific awards to recognise their talent and a selection of students who have achieved the Gold badge standard (top 5 to 10 %) will be invited to attend a ‘special’ enrichment event.

Sports Rewards

The Sports rewards (Colours) system managed by the PE department has undergone a slight overhaul this year. Previously a student had to demonstrate commitment to at least two sports clubs throughout the year to be eligible for sports colours however this failed to recognise those students that may have only had time to regular commit to one extracurricular activity. From September 2015 students now have to commit to at least 25 extra-curricular sessions within a year to be eligible for a sports colours award. This means that a student can achieve this in one sport or across many different activities. Additionally the sports colours system recognises consistent commitment as the level of reward increases along with the number of years that a student meets the criteria, culminating in a sports tie for four years of commitment to sport at Blenheim. The full system is listed below and it’s important to note that students can join it at any time.

Sixth Form Rewards

In addition to gaining House Points, Sixth Form students are rewarded both formally and informally in a number of different ways. Community participation is an integral part of the Blenheim Graduation Certificate, and students are rewarded for their efforts with a Pass, Merit or Distinction. Students are also praised for their attendance, academic effort and progress via termly rewards assemblies, in addition to commendations, postcards home, certificates and letters celebrating success from the Head of Sixth Form. As with the lower school, Sixth Formers have their achievements recognised by being invited to a Headteacher’s breakfast, as well as a Head of Year breakfast.

Bronze School Mental Health Award