Parental Survey, June 2015

Parents/Carers were invited to take part in a survey based on the Ofsted Parent View Survey.  Parents are encouraged to respond to the Ofsted Parent View if an inspection is taking place for the school.

We like to ensure our parents are happy with the way the school is being run and the way the students are cared for whilst at Blenheim so in May 2015 we conducted our own survey to evaluate parent perception and below are the results.  They are based on the replies from 185 parents and the pie charts are shown as a percetange of the total number responding.  We are extremely pleased that the vast majority of parents are happy with all aspects of school life.  We have reviewed any concerns highlighted and where appropriate included this into our school improvement planning for this academic year.

Screen Shot 2017 08 31 at 16.26.30

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Bronze School Mental Health Award