School Day and Expectations

Here you can find detailed information about the school day including timings, typical activities, our Home School agreement and also the uniform and equipment requirements that we expect all students to meet. 

Times of the School Day

8.40am - 8.55am Registration / Assembly
8.55am - 9.50am Period 1
9.50am - 10.45am Period 2
10.45am - 11.05am Break 1
11.05am - 12.00pm Period 3
12.00pm - 12.55pm Period 4
12.55pm - 1.30pm Break 2
1.30pm - 2.25pm Period 5
2.25pm - 3.10pm Period 6
3.10pm - 3.20pm Code Time

Routines for Learning

Routines for Learning

  1. Arrive promptly to lessons and be fully equipped (see below).
  2. Line up in single file.
  3. Get ready for a uniform check – top button fastened, tie pulled up, Blenheim logo on tie showing, shirt tucked in.
  4. Enter the classroom when asked.
  5. Deposit your iPad in the usual place, unless told otherwise.
  6. Collect whiteboard equipment.
  7. Sit in your specific seat. All lessons will have a boy/girl seating plan.
  8. Sit straight, face front and put your school diary on your desk.
  9. Rule off the last piece of work in your exercise book, write the title/learning objective and the date.
  10. Check your whiteboard pen and get ready to start.

Typical Starter Activity

You will be asked questions about work you have recently completed and will write the answer on the whiteboard and show it to your teacher. If you get the answer right then great; if you get it wrong then make a quick note in your exercise book to help you remember next time.

Ten Blenheim Behaviours

Ten Blenheim Behaviours that every student can be great at



What does it mean? 

Famous quote 

Be punctual 

Arrive on time 

‘If you're early, you're on time. If you're on time, you're late’ 

Be prepared 

Be mentally and physically ready 

‘Failing to prepare is preparing to fail’ 

Be self-disciplined 

Do what you need to do to improve 

‘Self-discipline is the starting point of greatness’ 

Have a good work ethic 

Work hard all the time 

‘The harder I work, the luckier I get’ 

Have a positive attitude 

Believe in yourself and your ability to do well 

‘A positive attitude causes a chain reaction of positive thoughts, events and outcomes’ 

Be resilient 

Learn from your mistakes and bounce back 

‘Tough times don’t last; tough people do’ 

Be passionate 

Care about your work 

‘When your passion and purpose are greater than your fears and excuses, you’ll find a way’ 

Be approachable 

Trust and be open to advice 

‘Coaching is the universal language of change and learning’ 

Go the extra mile 

Go above and beyond 

‘Start going the extra mile and opportunity will follow’ 

Have positive body language 

Look like you want to do well 

‘Feelings are 55% body language, 38% tone and 7% words’ 



Main School Uniform


  • Burgundy school blazer with school badge from Stevensons.
  • Plain white shirt with top button fastened and tucked in. Short or long sleeved.
  • School tie from Stevensons with House colour stripe - tied closely to the secured collar button of the shirt.  Logo on tie must be clearly visible.
  • Plain black polishable, business like shoes - sports shoes, trainers, suede boots, backless shoes, high boots (including Dr. Martens) are not allowed.  Heels should not be more than 4cms high.
  • Coat/jacket - navy, grey or black, plain jackets free from lettering or insignias.  Denim, leather, leather look and suede jackets are not allowed.  No hooded tops.
  • Grey v-necked pullover (optional) - crew neck, polo necks and sweatshirts are unsuitable.
  • Hair should be cut no shorter than a grade 3 and long hair should be tied back.
  • No earphones/headphones.

Boys’ Uniform

  • Black regulation school trousers.
  • No baggy, corduroy or black denim trousers. 
  • Plain socks - black only.

Girls’ Uniform

  • Regulation school skirt from Stevensons.  This can be a maximum of 1 inch above the knee and must not be rolled up - the burgundy stripe must be visible at all times
  • Black regulation school trousers.
  • Plain socks - black ankle socks to be worn in summer with skirt.
  • Plain tights - black opaque tights for the winter.  Skin tone tights may be worn for the summer.
  • No tight fitting, corduroy or black denim trousers.

Sports Uniform

Boys’ Sports Uniform (clearly named)

  • Unisex Blenheim burgundy polo shirt with school logo
  • Unisex Blenheim black PE shorts with school logo
  • Blenheim long football socks or plain white sports socks
  • Blenheim ¼ zip top with school logo
  • Appropriate trainers for sports activities
  • Tracksuit bottoms with school logo
  • Hoody with school logo
  • Mouth guard
  • Rugby Top with school logo
  • Waterproof jacket with school logo
  • Training jacket with school logo
  • Base layer with school logo 

Girls’ Sports Uniform (clearly named)

  • Girls' or unisex Blenheim burgundy polo shirt with school logo
  • Girls' or unisex Blenheim black PE shorts with school logo
  • Blenheim long football socks or plain white sports socks
  • Blenheim ¼ zip top with school logo
  • Appropriate trainers for sports activities
  • Tracksuit bottoms with school logo
  • Hoody with school logo
  • Mouth guard
  • Leggings with school logo
  • Waterproof jacket with school logo
  • Training Jacket with school logo
  • Base layer with school logo

Our uniform is available at reasonable prices from our nominated suppliers
Stevensons, The Old Spread Eagle, High Street, Epsom, KT19 8DN
Tel. 01372 742411.

Additional Information

Make-up, jewellery, nail varnish or acrylic nails should not be worn for school.  Small plain stud earrings (one in each earlobe) and a watch (with a deactivated alarm) may be worn.  No other body piercing is allowed, i.e. nose or tongue studs.  All earrings must be removed  for P.E. lessons.  School bags should be plain navy or black small rucksacks or 'record' bags to ensure that they fit into lockers.  Large sports bags are not permitted.  Hair should not be outlandish in style or coloured and heads should not be shaved.  As a guide, a number three cut is the shortest permitted.  Long hair should be tied back for safety reasons.  Chewing gum is not allowed in school.


Basic Equipment

  • Clear pencil case x 1
  • Black biro x 2,
  • Green biro x 2
  • Sharp HB pencil x 2
  • Pencil sharpener x 1
  • Pencil eraser x 1
  • Glue stick x 1
  • Highlighter pen x 2
  • Ruler x 1
  • Protractor x 1
  • Scientific calculator x 1
  • Compass x 1
  • Student diary x 1
  • iPad x 1.

Please note that correction fluids such as Tipp-ex and permanent markers such as Sharpies are banned from school.

Home School Agreement

Home and School Partnership Agreement

Our Home and School Partnership Agreement can be found in each students’ Pocket Planner and should be signed by each student each year.
By joining our school community we expect all students to support our ethos and expectations which are outlined below. By working together we know that we can support your achievements at Blenheim High School.
We aim for all of our students to be positive about their ability and strive to reach their potential. Together we will excel in all we do, enjoy challenges, celebrate success, welcome opportunities and respect each other.

As a School we commit to:

  • Developing our students into happy, successful and fulfilled young people;
  • Upholding our ethos in all activities both within the formal curriculum and extra-curricular activities;
  • Providing the best teaching and learning opportunities possible which recognise and celebrate all achievements;
  • Providing a safe and caring environment where individual talent can be celebrated. Blenheim adheres to all safeguarding and equality legislation and guidance. (Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy on website or from Reception);
  • Listening to and responding to the needs and concerns of students and parents;
  • Keeping parents and carers informed and involved in their child’s progress and attainment;
  • Providing high expectations in terms of achievement, behaviour and appearance.

As a Student I commit to:

  • Working to the best of my ability at all times so that I excel in all I do;
  • Attending school every day, on time, wearing full uniform correctly and with the necessary equipment;
  • Abiding by the school code of conduct and treating all others and the school environment with consideration and respect;
  • Taking an active part in the life of the school and making the most of enrichment activities;
  • Attending the extended school day (3.15pm-5.00pm) where either I am in the bottom 25% of my year group for average ATL grades or my teachers feel that I am not on track to reach my target grade;
  • Agreeing not to post images or video footage of either Blenheim staff, students, images of the school or the school name on any internet site without prior written consent from the Headteacher.
  • Wearing school uniform correctly and with pride and adhering to appearance regulations, on the way to and from school;
  • Behaving considerately towards others in the local community;
  • Sharing and celebrating my own success and the success of others in our community.

Mobile Phones and Valuables

Students are only allowed their phones as a tool for travelling to and from school, therefore all mobile phones are placed in lockers at the start of the day and taken out when they go home. If a student is caught with their mobile phone in school in the day then the phone is confiscated for the remainder of the day and they can collect from the finance office at the end of the school day. If their phone has been taken 3 or more times then parents are telephones to collect the phone from the main office. Electronic devices of all kinds that are brought in to school are the responsibility of the user. The school accepts no responsibility for the loss, theft or damage of such items. Nor will the school accept responsibility for any adverse health effects caused by any such devices either potential or actual.

Please note that we cannot take responsibility for any valuables brought into school and our school insurance does not cover theft or damage.