Insurance and Warranty Claims

If your son/daughter’s iPad develops a fault or is accidentally damaged and an insurance claim is necessary, please follow the link below to record all the relevant details.  It is important that your son/daughter takes the iPad to the IT Network Office as soon as possible if there is damage or a fault.  Stolen iPads should also be reported as soon as possible to the Police who will give you a Crime Reference Number which will be required by the insurance company.

Please note that where the damage or fault is not consistent with the details of the reported incident, an insurance claim may not be possible and the cost of the repair/replacement will have to be passed to the parents.

Please note that theft of an unattended iPad is not covered by the insurance policy, nor is deliberate damage, eg caused by carelessness.  To access the claim form, click the link below.  You will need to complete the form with your son or daughter as they will first need to log in with their school username and password.

Make an Insurance or Warranty Claim


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