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French Student Exchange Program

Posted on: 12/03/2019

Epsom and Chantilly, France, were twinned together in September 1995 initially because of their respective horseracing connections. Chantilly is a beautiful town 25 miles north of Paris. It has a magnificent chateau, horse museum, and a famous racecourse, surrounded by a beautiful forest containing red and roe deer.

Last week, Blenheim hosted visiting students and their senior teacher from the Lycée de la Forêt, Lycée des Métiers et des Services Aux Entreprises in Chantilly, France. Visiting students shadowed Blenheim students, attended lessons and had the opportunity to work on their spoken and written English. Our visitors said they were delighted by the warm and friendly welcome they received from their Blenheim penpals and staff.

In 2020, Blenheim students will visit Chantilly, France, to enjoy a similar experience.