Student Council

The Blenheim High School Student Council is a large and significant part of the school. Consisting of 24 democratically elected members, the students meet as a Year Council (once per half term with their Head of Year) and a Whole School Council (two weeks later) to discuss a range of key areas from teaching and learning to student wellbeing, charity ideas to canteen menus. 

Elections are held at the start of each academic year.  Each Form Group has a male and a female Form Captain, and it is from these students that the Council is elected (four per Year Group).  Meetings are chaired by our Head Girl and Head Boy.  They are responsible for asking the Council Representatives for agenda items when planning their meetings, and feeding back what has been discussed at each meeting with the whole school.  Members of the Leadership Team and Governors often visit the meetings to listen to the student voice on new policies and ideas, and this is taken into consideration prior to their publication.  The Student Council has its own budget to spend each academic year, and this can be increased by fundraising.  

Members of Blenheim High School Student Council 2019-20

Staff Representatives:
Miss J. Glister

Chairs: Head Girl and Head Boy

Year Group

Form Captain

SC Rep


Alfie Rebbeck (SC)

Ella Syradd (TD)

Scarlett O’Connell (NE)

Albion Dega (TH) 

Star Tanner-Adkins (Dep – TH)

George Taylor (SG)

Elsie Jull (NA)

Joshua Burton (OB)

Erin Gardner/Aisha Charles (OF)

George Taylor 

Scarlett O’Connell 



Olivia Lavell (OF)

Poppy Hinds (SG)

Sophia Newman (SG)

Poppy Hinds 

Sophia Newman 


Jade Minter (AN)

Fay Major (AB)

Cameron Groves (AE)

Adam Mey (BH)

 Robert Doyle (BE)

Alanah Wyatt (BI)

Dylan Barnes (AL)

Fay Major 

Adam Mey


Alyssa Rugastaya (AB)

Sophie Ford (AL)

Fred Woodley (AE)

Mathilde Collet (AN)

Amandine Hubert (BH)

Elena Gauci (BM)

Joshua Brown (BI)

Andre Antunes (BE)

Fred Woodley 

Joshua Brown 


Imogen Bailey (BI)

Elle Spence (AL)

Samir Uddin (BH)

Rosie Hopson (AB)

Agnija Patmalniece (AE)

Marwan Ahmed (BE)

Rian James (AN)

Sam Downham (BM)

Rosie Hopson 

Agnija Patmalniece 


6th Form

James Bartrum (Deputy Head Boy)

 Jay Darey (Deputy Head Boy)

Jess Stacey (Deputy Head Girl)

Mia Le Stavri (DHG)

Katie Lane (Head Girl)

Ben Banyard (Head Boy)



Student Council Documents Date  
Student Council Contract.pdf 01st Sep 2017 Download
Reps Toolkit.pdf 01st Sep 2017 Download