Looked After Children

Arrangements for Looked After Children

All agencies in Surrey take their responsibilities as corporate parents very seriously and that includes education. We work very hard to ensure any young person being cared for in the Care system is supported to do the best they can academically.

Mr B. Cole is the Designated Teacher at Blenheim for Chlidren in Care. Each Child in Care will have a Personal Education Plan (PEP).  PEP meetings will be held in school with the Social Worker, Designated Teacher and parents/foster parents to look at what is going well in school and where extra support may be needed. The student will also be encouraged to take part in the meeting. 

Funding from the Pupil Premium will be used to offer further support and enhancement as appropriate. This might be one to one tuition, funding for extra curricular sessions, school trips or a laptop for homework. Mr B. Cole oversees support for all PP students at Blenheim.

The Designated Teacher will also attend the Children in Care Review meetings and meet regularly with the student to discuss any concerns and liaise if required with teaching staff. 

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