Results Days 2022

Results Days have now taken place for 2022. Please find below information about our Post Results Services.

Opt Out Form

In order to fully prepare students in the lead up to their GCSE’s next year and beyond, teachers will sometimes request exam scripts from this year’s exam series to help them understand the marking schemes and provide examples to current students. Unless students opt out Blenheim will assume that students consent for their scripts to be used in this way. All names and candidate numbers will be removed from the scripts so that they will be anonymous. If students wish to ‘opt out’ they should complete the form in the results envelope and return to Mrs Ciesco.

Blenheim Alumni

If students have come to the end of their time at Blenheim High School, they are invited to join our Alumni. News and events are communicated to the Alumni and requests to share insights, experiences and destinations post-Blenheim are also made so that students can help inspire the next generation of Blenheim students. Future First administer the Blenheim alumni and students can register using the link below.

Join the Blenheim High School Alumni

Appeals and concerns about your results

When you receive your results, if you are unhappy with the outcome you will have the option to request any of the ‘Post Results Services’ detailed in the Results Pack or below.

Post Results Services 2022


Certificates, when received from the awarding organisations, will be issued to you in December 2022. You will be sent a letter in November with details about when, how and where to collect your certificates. Information will also be posted up on the school website. 

Autumn Exam Series (October: A Levels, November: GCSE’s)

Visit the Autumn Exam Series Page

Results Collection Candidate Form

Results Collection Candidate Form
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