Art and Design


The Aims of the Department

Art, craft and design embody some of the highest forms of human creativity. At Blenheim High School we aim to provide a first-class art and design education, which will engage, inspire and challenge students. We will provide them with the knowledge and skills to be able to create their own works of art, craft and design. Through a process of exploration, experimentation and invention, students will develop as artists and achieve personal success.

As they progress, students will be encouraged to think critically and develop an in-depth understanding of art and design, from the past and present. They will learn how art and design both reflect and shape our history, and contribute to the culture and creativity of our world.

We value contemporary art and design practices very highly at Blenheim High School and engage with them as much as possible.

Gallery education is also an important part of what we do. In addition to our own trips, we encourage pupils to visit galleries independently. Those who do, often benefit highly; they are inspired, and what they see informs their work. We also offer a wide range of extra-curricular activities, including portfolio support for Key Stage 4 and 5 students.

We have very good facilities, with three well equipped, purpose built studios and an ICT area. Students also have access to an extensive range of materials and equipment, enabling them to fulfil their potential as artists.

All of these things combine to make our department a forward-looking and exciting place to enjoy and achieve.


At Blenheim High School we have light modern facilities and excellent resources including a kiln for ceramic work. On-going artwork is displayed in classrooms and completed artwork is exhibited around the school, enhancing the environment and inspiring the students. Our examination groups’ work is celebrated each year in our annual Summer Exhibition.


A level Art and Design - Fine Art

Course Details

Studying Fine Art is the perfect way to build on success at GCSE and develop your practice as an artist to an advanced level, preparing you for further and higher education, as well as exploring the working practices of contemporary artists, designers and craftspeople.

You will be introduced to a range of fine art media, processes and techniques, including traditional and new media. You will explore the use of drawing for different purposes and use sketchbooks to underpin your work.

The exploration of images, artefacts and resources is a key and integral part of the course and will be shown through a combination of practical and written work. Work from around the world, both past and present, will be looked at. Gallery visits are an important part of the A level and students are encouraged to visit regularly and independently, in addition to attending school led trips.

Pupils are required to work in one or more of the following areas and are allowed to explore how these might, and often do, overlap:

  • Drawing and painting
  • Mixed-media, including collage and assemblage
  • Sculpture
  • Ceramics
  • Installation
  • Printmaking
  • Moving image and photography

Link to Specification


  • All units are internally assessed and externally moderated
  • Each unit is marked against Art and Design Assessment Objectives
  • The units assessed are:
    • A – Level Component 1: Personal Investigation
    • A – Level Component 2: Externally Set Assignment 

Enrichment Opportunities

Trips to museums and galleries, portfolio support sessions, various exhibitions and competitions, Art Ambassadors scheme

Student Quotes

‘The best thing about A-Level Art and Design is the freedom to decide on the work you do’

‘We are allowed more independence and creativity. We get to really engage with our chosen subject matter’


The most common route that students take is a Foundation Diploma in Art and Design at art-school. Some successfully apply for degree courses in the arts, or related subjects, without having to complete their Foundation.  At Blenheim High School we send pupils to some of the most prestigious art colleges in the country and we have strong links with UCA.

Useful Links - Tate Modern and Tate Britain galleries, London - The National Portrait Gallery, London - The National Gallery, London - The Saatchi Gallery, London - The British Museum, London - This website takes you to the Guggenheim Museums in Bilbao Spain, New York USA, Venice Italy, Berlin Germany - The Museum of Modern Art in New York and San Francisco - A comprehensive visual encyclopedia of Art & Design