Curriculum Intent

The Business curriculum enables students to develop an interest in and enthusiasm for the academic study of Business and exploit all opportunities to enrich their learning through application to the real world.  The A level qualification is suitable for any student who has an interest in any one of the key business areas as there is a broad scope to the topics the students will study which helps to develop their knowledge in a range of areas.

Whilst having studied GCSE Business is of course advantageous, The A level curriculum is designed to be accessible to students who did not chose to study business at GCSE.  The themes studied at A level are;

  1. Marketing and People
  2. Managing Business Activities
  3. Business Decisions and Strategy
  4. Global Business

Whilst business is broadly delivered through the modules above students are encouraged to develop their synoptic thinking by using chains of reasoning developed from across the modules.  This is a skill that enables them to access the higher grades in their A level examinations. 

The Aims of the Department

The Business department at Blenheim aims to provide students with the opportunity to study business theory and apply it to real-life businesses in our local and increasingly global community.   Students will understand how strategic business decisions are arrived at and are then in a position to make informed judgements and conclusions.

A level Business is delivered by experienced practitioners with real business experience outside of the classroom, this means we can provide students with engaging and stimulating lessons, enabling them to progress and achieve their potential. 


  • We ensure that our resources are up to date and relevant to the topics being covered.  We subscribe to many online resources that are both syllabus specific and more general business focussed. 
  • The Business classrooms are based in the Sixth Form block, providing use of desktop computers both in class time and after school.
  • We continue to use Speakers for Schools as well as our own industry contacts to provide speakers from the business world to inspire and engage our learners.


A level Business

Course Details

We are all affected by the decisions businesses make, both locally and globally.  This course enables students to understand why and how businesses make the decisions they do.  Students investigate a range of topics from how a local independent coffee shop might promote itself, to the ethical dilemmas facing multinational companies today.  

The following themes (and many more) will be studied across the two years;

  • Meeting customer needs
  • Marketing & brand development
  • Human resource management
  • Accounting and finance
  • Globalisation and business expansion
  • Economic & Political influences on business
  • Strategic decision making methods
  • Leadership and business culture
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Exam Board - Edexcel

Exam (2 hrs)

Marketing, people and global businesses

35% of the


Exam (2 hrs)

Business activities, decisions and strategy

35% of the


Exam (2 hrs)

Investigating businesses in a competitive environment

30% of the


Enrichment Opportunities

Students participate in trips to the Bank of England and Wimbledon Tennis Museum. They are encouraged to take part in Young Enterprise and other national student competitions.  

Student quotes

‘It is enjoyable and fun and allows me to gain important skills needed for the future.’

‘I hope to study business at university and really like the way our teacher looks at relevant real world examples to help us understand the topics better.’


A Business A-level is the first step towards a wide range of diverse career paths. Those who study Business at degree level go on to find it provides a wide range of transferable skills. It also provides a platform from which to secure apprenticeships and other professional training pathways.




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