Religion, Philosophy and Ethics

The Religious Studies department at Blenheim High School prides itself on being an open, innovative and inspiring area in which all student’s opinions and beliefs are appreciated, respected and shared. The aim for the department is simple – to encourage students to develop opinions, to be able to work with and appreciate others whose opinions may differ and to respect the variety of faith and belief that our community offers.

All Religious Studies staff are passionate and well educated about their subject to encourage the best possible levels of success. A variety of different learning styles are encouraged to ensure that at the forefront of each lesson, all students have the opportunity to succeed. Students are given opportunities to visit places of worship, to speak with those of belief and to investigate relevant and timely issues within our own society.


  • Specialist teaching classrooms
  • A wide range of specialist religoius artifacts
  • DVDs and interactive materials to exemplify the topics being studied.
  • Computer Pod

A level Religious Studies (Religion, Philosophy & Ethics)

Course Details

To study Religion, Philosophy & Ethics is to study our history, our life, morals, your decisions, key figures, the universe and all the questions in life that just don’t seem to be able to be answered. Many of the questions you will study have confused some of the world’s greatest ever thinkers: Why am I here? Is there a God? What is good? This course will not give you the answers to these questions, as there are no right answers, but will help you to understand their importance in our ever changing world. The study of Religion, Philosophy and Ethics will develop essential skills such as essay writing, textual interpretation, critical thinking, analysis, debate, problem solving and evaluation. If you have ever felt that there is more to understand and explore than simply what you see in front of you, then this is the course for you.

The course is split into three components:

1) Philosophy of Religion

2) Religion and Ethics

3) New Testament Studies
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3 x 2 hour exams at the end of the two year course. 

Enrichment opportunities

Past opportunities have included trips to Rome to see the heart of Roman Catholicism and a joint trip with Social Sciences to New York. In addition, opportunities to attend lectures from key speakers and examiners have been well attended. The department hopes to continue building on these exciting opportunities and offer similar trips as well as visits to countries not yet explored. 

Student quotes

I have thoroughly enjoyed the subject & it has been very thought provoking. It has increased my awareness of other beliefs whilst also allowing me to develop my own thoughts about personal identity, creation, faith, morality etc. I’ve enjoyed the ‘university’ approach to the course which has offered a balance of lecture-like teaching, more formal structured lessons and independent research.’

I have found the course really enjoyable & useful – it has actually helped me in my personal life and assisted with my EPQ where I have delved deeper into other Philosophical traditions. The skills I have learnt have been essential in preparing me for life after Blenheim and I feel I am able to reflect much better on all my subject areas. It has been a challenge, but an enjoyable one!’ 


Religion, Philosophy and Ethics is an extremely well-respected discipline in both the academic and employment world. A good qualification in this subject will show that you have the ability to think around important issues and develop problem-solving skills. All careers are governed by ethical principles and an ability to understand these would certainly be deemed an advantage by employers. The ancient Greeks originally established universities as a forum for Philosophical/Ethical debate – universities today respect the subject greatly. 

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