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Posted on: 25/11/2019

Last week the first House Football Competitions of the Year took place, as part of the relaunch of the House System.

The competition started with Year 7 on Tuesday 12th November, followed by Years 8 & 9 who played their respective tournaments on Thursday 14th November in combined teams featuring both boys and girls from each House.

The results were as follows:

Year 7: 1st - Octavius, 2nd - Nashwan, 3rd - Sinndar, 4th - Tulyar

Year 8: 1st - Tulyar 2nd - Octavius, 3rd - Nashwan, 4th - Sinndar

Year 9: 1st - Sinndar, 2nd - Octavius, 3rd - Nashwan, 4th - Tulyar

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