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Fantastic Feedback!

Posted on: 19/11/2019

16/10/19 – Sixth Form Open Evening

Just to write and congratulate all teaching staff on the 6th Form Open Evening on Wednesday.

Miss Green (English Literature) and Mrs Randall (Drama) spoke to us at length about course content and we were really pleased that they took the time to answer all xxx’s (and ours!) numerous questions! It was also great to be able to have the opportunity to speak to an English literature student who was also taking drama to give an in depth in sight as to how the 2 subjects can work together.

We were extremely impressed by the Psychology teacher who gave a very interactive presentation starting with asking students what they knew about Psychology. She then talked about some experiments demonstrating peer pressure and the feedback from xxx was that it made the subject sound so interesting that it is now a subject she would like to do.

There was also a psychology student present who was able to give xxx an idea of how much science and maths content there is in the AS level which was helpful.

14/10/10 – Open Morning 2019
Prospective Parent

My daughter and I attended Open Morning on 1st October 2019. We were given a tour of the school by a young man named xxx and a young lady whose name I unfortunately do not recall. Both students were confident, witty, engaging and above all exuded a genuine pride for their school. They answered our questions with great confidence – the school and their parents should be very proud of them. 

Having visited a number of secondary schools recently I can honestly say that Blenheim had the warmest and welcoming atmosphere – something which I believe cannot be fabricated.

7/10/19 – Email to Head of Year 7

Both my husband and I wanted to say how much xxx has settled and is so happy at school. The transition has been great and she is thoroughly enjoying her time at school – long may it continue! A big thank you to you and the staff for making her journey such a smooth one.

5/10/19 – Open Evening 2019
Prospective Parent

Myself, my wife and my son attended your Open Evening last Wednesday and would like to express our absolute feeling that your school Is outstanding in all aspects. From the building, classrooms and general warmth we felt. The great pupils we met, the knowledgeable and confident teachers, catering, yes we tried some lovely dishes “yum”, the whole package we felt was excellent.

Your ‘assembly’ sold it for us and your drive and sheer will to succeed came across in spoonfuls as it did from your Head Boy and Girl. So credit due, we were undecided but as soon as we got home we put our son in for Blenheim. Our fingers are crossed as are our sons!

3/10/19 – Open Evening 2019

Firstly, many congratulations on a very successful Open Evening. We already have our daughter in Year x who is loving being part of the Blenheim community and last night we brought our twin boys who are currently in Year 6. They really enjoyed the evening and could even remember some of the things you mentioned in your talk! One thing that struck me was your challenge to go and talk to staff and see how personable they are. We also have a boy with down syndrome who accompanied us last night. We were very impressed with the way so many of your staff spoke personally to him and made him also feel very welcome. Thank you to you and your staff.

24/9/19 – Remark of examination paper

Dear Mr Morgan, I just wanted to write and thank you got taking the time to review xxx’s PE papers and suggesting a remark – what a brilliant outcome! Without sounding patronising I hope you realise that teachers like you make a real difference to our child’s lives. Many thanks again.

16/09/19 – Email to headteacher

This is a letter of recognition for the fabulous work and dedication my grandson received from your staff – this is mainly Mr Everest, Mrs McCarthy and Miss Bowden. My biggest thank you is to Mrs McClarence, who even during the toughest of times has never lost faith in xxx’s potential and daily went over and beyond to help him. I have no doubt in my mind that xxx would not have achieved what  he has managed to without her help.

13/09/19 – Email to headteacher

I just wanted to get in touch and say thank you for the parent information sessions this week on helping boys and reflecting on the gender age gap in performance. Both talks were really inspirational and inspiring.

My son is in Year x and does struggle with accessing learning in class, we do feel concerned about how to motivate him and help him feel like a successful learner but these sessions have given me some helpful inspiration and with some help we’re getting from your SEN team I am now feeling hopeful. 

I know his journey through the next few years won’t be easy but I feel he has the best chance he can have with the kind of thinking you’re encouraging in parents, staff and children and Blenheim.

7/9/19 – Email to headteacher

I wanted to say a huge thank you to everyone. My son joined last week and I wanted to le you know how reassured and impressed we were as parents at the introduction and transition to Blenheim. XXXX really enjoyed last week and the many new experiences which consequently settle dour nerves quickly. I appreciate it’s still early days but thank you for a brilliant start to the term.

5/9/19 – Email to Head of Sixth Form

I just wanted to update you on xxx’s next step. XXX has been offered an amazing opportunity – a Quantity Surveying Degree Apprenticeship. I just wanted to let you know that if it wasn’t for you, xxx wouldn’t have thought about a degree apprenticeship. You sent xxx to a seminar at JLL and xxx started to apply from there. Thank you for your continued guidance.

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