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Life Skills and Wellbeing Workshops

Posted on: 20/01/2020

During Life Skills & Wellbeing lessons Mr Kingsnorth arranged for the Pressure Group Campaign for Nuclear disarmament to come to Blenheim for two days to deliver workshops to over 200 students. The theme of the sessions was to emphasise the importance of Peace. Students were able to learn the inspiring story of a young Japanese girl who folded around 1600 origami cranes in the hope to be granted a wish, despite suffering from terminal leukaemia as a result of the radiation from the Hiroshima atomic bomb. 

Students were taught basic origami and had an opportunity to make their own peace cranes, or swans. Some of these will be sent to the peace memorial park in Hiroshima, Japan.

To find out more about what will happen to them, please click here!



Silver School Mental Health Award