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Fantastic Feedback for the first term of the year

Posted on: 04/11/2020


Feedback from a parent on Facebook reviews


Parent Feedback to Assistant Headteacher, Mr Mundy

Thank you for your continued care and support that you are providing for my son.

He has been telling me about your chats, about you helping him to manage his GCSE homework demands and with your help and support with his friendship group's emotional issues and upsets.

XXXX is in such a good place mentally and emotionally, at the moment, and is very focused on his studies, and I must say, that I believe, that your continued contribution and interest in his care and well-being is definitely a major contributing factor, to his good mental health and focus on his studies, that he is experiencing




Feedback from the organiser of Epsom Mental Health Week

My huge thanks to Blenheim School for the very helpful support of the Festival. In usual circumstances I would be visiting them with a thank you gift. In the very different world in which we find ourselves this year we have decided to do something different to mark our thanks. We plan to make a donation to Kids for Kids, who work with some of the people in Darfur where, I understand, one in 10 children will die before their fifth birthday. Here are some words from their website:

'KIDS FOR KIDS helps children the world has forgotten, children in Darfur, Sudan, who live lives of inexcusable and unimaginable hardship. Our key project is a goat loan – we don’t believe in charity, we believe in enabling people to help themselves. Children are malnourished in every village. Many have had no protein, minerals or vitamins for months on end which not only means lasting damage to them physically but their IQ is reduced, often irreparably. Goat’s milk transforms a child’s health.

Goat loans are just one way we help. By providing an integrated package of sustainable projects which parents tell us will help them the most – projects suitable to the region which have both an immediate, and a long-term impact – we are lifting families out of abject poverty and transforming whole villages. To date, we have adopted 100 villages across North Darfur. Over 550,000 people whose lives have been improved long term in one of the most remote and inaccessible regions of the world, where violence is still a daily hazard on the walk to water'.



Feedback from a parent to Reception Lead, Mrs Peacock

I just wanted to tell you about a conversation XXXX and I had last night. 

He was doing his bedrock homework and one of the tasks was to write 5 sentences using the words of the day. 

One of the words was 'sanctuary', so he had a think and then he said 'my school office is my sanctuary' did make me chuckle!! I said to him, I hope he's not been down to bother you this week!!

I think our school office is a lot of people's sanctuary too. It's really nice to know that the children get so well looked after at Blenheim.

Thanks so much.



Feedback from a parent

My son is in year 11.  XXXX has had a tough couple of weeks at school.  Last week I had a surprising and very lovely call from Mr Duffy who called to give me positive feedback.  Mr Duffy said that he could tell that XXXX had been having a hard time at school and just wanted to pass on some positive feedback.  

The wonderful feedback and positive call was very well received and was so very much needed, especially for XXXX.  

I just wanted to pass this onto you, positivity should be celebrated!



Feedback from a prospective parent

Thank you so much to Mr Bodell and the team for a very informative Open Evening last week. It was a great insight into Blenheim and we appreciated you being able to proceed with putting on some form of open evening under the circumstances as it really helped us get a sense of the school.



Feedback from trainee teachers

Thank you for delivering the Roehampton PS day on behaviour a couple of weeks ago. I have just received the trainees’ evaluations and there are so many positive comments. Thought I would share with you for you to see the impact you had.

  • All three presenters were great - I found Miss Armstrong particularly inspiring as her examples of talking to students were modelled really well. Thanks for an interesting and productive day!
  • Really clear and well organised, I feel a lot more confident about starting at my placement now. Also great to get advice/feedback from teachers of different subjects!
  • The best training we have had so far. Really good balance of tasks. Miss Armstrong was brilliant and very inspiring. Lots of anecdotal tools to use. Thank you for a great day.
  • Thank you to the teachers at Blenheim - The sessions were really well executed and provided very useful information.
  • Teachers were brilliant. I feel a session similar to this once we all have more experience in schools will also be helpful again!



Feedback from a parent

I’d just like to praise how beautifully Blenheim has handled the return to school - a balanced return to school leaflet for the pupils, no craziness about masks, and I am just so grateful about the extended day for my son in Year 11. Even he appreciates it and is working hard towards his mocks. Please keep it all up - you are superstars!



Feedback from a parent following Sixth Form Open Evening

I am writing to say thank you for the informative and clear presentation you and your team put together on Wednesday evening to parents and children. Both XXXX and I came away with a real understanding of life in 6th form.

Myself and XXXX visited a number of subjects rooms afterwards and the teachers were friendly and answered all our questions. XXXX is very much considering 6th form at Blenheim due to going to this open evening (results depending!).

Thank you again and have a nice half term.


Silver School Mental Health Award