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Year 10 House Football Competition Results

Posted on: 09/12/2020

With a slight chill in the air, nothing was going to stop the mighty Year 10 #teamblenheim students in the House Football Competition. The first two matches played were Tulyar against Nashwan and Octavius against Sinndar. 

Nashwan got into their stride quickly with a strong team and found the back of the net four times whilst Jacob on the Tulyar team netted a late goal. The match ended 4 – 1 to Nashwan. 

Meanwhile, on the other pitch, it was a close game with both teams showing strong defence and only conceding one goal each. Octavius’ goal was scored by Fred and Sinndar’s goal was scored by Niall, resulting in a 1-1- draw. 

The second round of matches saw Tulyar v Octavius and Nashwan v Sinndar. Tulyar and Octavius played a close game; the ball flying end to end with some awesome play. Elliot from Tulyar found the back of the net with an outstanding goal. Tulyar won the match 1 – 0. 

On the second pitch, the toughest game of the day was being played between Sinndar and Nashwan, Both teams had all to play for but despite immense effort, neither team could find the back of the net, resulting in the final score of 0 -0. 

In the final round of matches, it was Tulyar against Sinndar and Octavius against Nashwan. Sinndar beat Tulyar, gaining the maximum three points, thanks in no small part to Niall who, with pace, and a mean shot, found the back of the net three times, scoring a hat trick! Tulyar were left with no way back and the final score was 3-0 to Sinndar. 

On the adjoining pitch was Nashwan against Octavius. Nashwan had dominated in their previous matches and kept their winning record up by finding the back of the net one more time, which is all they needed. An exciting afternoon with great sportsmanship shown by all. Congratulations to Nashwan.

Final Places 

1st - Nashwan 

2nd - Sinndar 

3rd – Octavius 

4th - Tulyar

Silver School Mental Health Award