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Year 9 House Football Competition Results

Posted on: 02/12/2020

In a successful Year 9 House Football Tournament, Tuylar came out on top as rightful champions. Unbeaten in their march to the title, Tuylar saw off Sinndar in a gritty 1-0 victory before a 1-1 draw with Nashwan. 

Due to 1-0 results between Octavius and Nashwan, and a score draw between Sinndar and Octavius, Tuylar marched to a final against Octavius. For much of the final, it looked as though extra time beckoned, however as tired legs became a factor, Tuylar led a counter attack and brought home the victory. 

Whilst Tuylar enjoyed first place, the real winner was the competitive spirit of all who participated. This was exemplified in the third place playoff that ended in a penalty shootout, with spot kicks taken by everyone on the team, ending in Nashwan scoring the winning penalty. 

Bring on the Year 10 competition! 

Final Places 




4th - Sinndar

Bronze School Mental Health Award