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Year 8 House Netball Competition

Posted on: 27/04/2021

An excellent showing from an undefeated Tulyar side with plenty of strength in numbers was enough to win the keenly contested Year 8 netball competition. After a scoreless draw in their first match against Octavius, Tulyar went from strength to strength defeating first Nashwan, then Sinndar 3-0. Goal of the tournament goes to Erin for an outrageous goal from the edge of the D. Nashwan started strong with a 3-0 demolition of Sinndar before defeat to Tulyar and a hard fought 2-2 draw with Octavius. Sinndar, rebounded well from a tough start to defeat Octavius 1-0 in their second match. Octavius were resolute in defence all tournament but struggled to put points on the board. Ultimately a great tournament which saw the quality of play improve as the tournament progressed. 


Nashwan – Matilda, Zoe, Olivia, Charlotte 

Octavius – Rian, Yoan, Fozan, Charlotte, Aidan, Brynn 

Sindar – Kyren, Bradley, Evie, Max, Ava, Laiba 

Tulyar – Jasmine, Erin, Brooke, Alberto, Sophie, Iman, Star, Isobel, Chloe, Niamh, Ryan, Jaelyn

Final Positions 

Tulyar – 1st 

Nashwan - 2nd 

Sinndar – 3rd 

Octavius – 4th

Silver School Mental Health Award