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Friends of Blenheim secure Music Grant

Posted on: 22/04/2021

On behalf of all the students at Blenheim, a big thank you to the Humphrey Richardson Taylor Charitable Trust who have made it possible for Blenheim to purchase vital technical equipment and musical instruments including 4 new electric guitars, 2 acoustic guitars and a new drum kit. Music plays a big part in the curriculum at Blenheim, at Key Stage 3, GCSE and A level. Students will certainly benefit from the quality and availability of the new equipment. We hope this generosity will inspire more students to get involved with music during their school career. 

The Humphrey Richardson Taylor Charitable Trust was established in 1997 for the 'Advancement of public education in, and appreciation of, the art and science of Music and allied performing arts.' 

The Trust's benefactor, Mr H R Taylor, who lived in Cheam, Surrey, and who sadly passed away in 1996, was devoted to music throughout his life and wished to encourage the growth of music-making and live performance by people of all ages. 

Since 1997, the Trust has provided financial support for a range of musical activities in the geographical and historical areas of Surrey. 

Through partnership arrangements with the Royal College of Music, the University of Surrey and certain other national bodies it extends its support to musically gifted British residents beyond its core geographical area.

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