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Duke of Edinburgh Expeditions

Posted on: 15/06/2021

Thursday 3/06/21 

Blenheim welcomed 42 students back during the half term, in order to train for their Duke of Edinburgh Expeditions. The students trained throughout the day with the Adventure Expeditions instructors, learning how to map read, put up tents, use the gas Trangias, and correctly pack their bags with essential items. After a day of learning and practicing, the students were eager and excited for the expedition that lay ahead.

Friday 4/06/21 – Practice Expedition 

Students arrived at Blenheim at 9.30am. After a briefing from each of their group instructors, students began their expedition. From Blenheim, the groups completed a circular route via the pinnacle at Ashtead Common, finishing back at school. Students used their newly acquired map reading skills to follow the route exactly whilst carrying full kit and equipment. To add to the excitement, Friday saw the heavens open and a downpour provided another obstacle for our groups to face! 

Despite the heavy rain, and the groups returning to school thoroughly drenched, spirits remained high. All groups returned to school safely and within the time limit; their first test had been passed with flying colours! 

Saturday 5/06/21 – Proper Expedition 

Saturday began with another 9.30am start from Blenheim. However, this time, for those students who were completing their Bronze award. The warm morning sun promised much better weather than the day before which visibly lifted the students. With the practice expedition finished, now was the time for the real thing! 

The groups left Blenheim for their expedition, and were now entirely dependent on themselves and the skills they had learned in the previous two days. After a difficult hike through varying terrain, the groups arrived at their destination, a beautiful camp site in the heart of the Surrey Hills.

Sunday 6/06/21 

On the final day of this Bronze expedition, the morning was spent using Trangias once again to cook a breakfast, before taking down tents and repacking equipment back in to rucksacks. 

All groups set off from the campsite at 8.30 sharp, aiming for their final destination; the very top of Box Hill. Tiredness and fatigue crept in, with three groups slightly losing their way along the route. This however, did not stop our determined Bronze groups! All students managed to navigate their way back to the route, and all successfully made it to the finish line; a great achievement. 


on completion of the Duke of Edinburgh Bronze award to the following students; 

Lia, Ella, Erin, Harry, Emily, Will, Jose, Lillyrose, Charlotte, Shoni, Lyra, Logan, Eleanor, Jack, Ruby, Maddie, Bethany, Caoimhe, Eden, Jessica, Maria, Benjamin, Adam, Mia-Summer, Eloise, Matthew, Amy. 15 other students will be moving directly onto their Silver expedition over the coming weeks.

Following a day of walking in full kit, and then the challenge of putting up their own individual tents, students were in need of a well-earned dinner. However, that would have to be cooked by themselves, on Trangias. 

With lots of pasta, pesto, pot noodles, hot dogs and even one Burrito, students managed, with varying degrees of success, to cook and eat their meals.

Finally, after an exciting and tiring day, students retired to their individual tents, for some rest and recovery before resuming again the next day.

Silver School Mental Health Award