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Friends of Blenheim 200 club 21/22

Posted on: 07/09/2021

If you are not familiar with our 200 club, it works in a similar way to the lottery, providing a monthly prize pot for three lucky winners to share, whilst raising valuable funds for Blenheim High School. 

Each participant is allocated a number from 1 - 200 and the winning number is ‘pulled out of the hat’ on the last school day in every month by a chosen student or member of staff. 

The cost of each ‘number’ is £1 a month and we are running this year’s club for 10 months from October 2021 – July 2022 so the total cost of your number in October will be £10.00. If you decide to join the 200 club in November, the cost will be £9.00, and one draw will have been. New members are welcome any time registering on ParentPay accounts.

The following prizes will be offered:- 

1st Prize – 25% of the money made 

2nd Prize – 15% of the money made 

3rd Prize – 10% of the money made 

The remaining 50% of the funds raised will go to the Friends of Blenheim to help with fundraising. If any numbers remain unsold, the prize value will be the percentage of the total numbers sold. 

Last year, money raised from the 200 club funded additional resources for the Mindfulness Club, replacement badminton equipment, new floor fans for the Dance Studio and a great resources package for the Spanish department to support the new Key Stage 3 to 5 specifications. 

Numbers will be on sale every month and are available via ParentPay. There are no restrictions on the number of tickets you can buy. Your number will be allocated randomly, however if you would like a specific number you can request this by emailing in the first instance. 

The first 200 Club draw is on Friday 15th October 2021.

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