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Year 7 and 9 Cross Country

Posted on: 30/11/2021

Blenheim, were the organisers of the district cross country at Nonsuch Park. This was a significant event comprising of 17 other schools with at least 500 participants in all. The two Blenheim teams consisted of Jacob, Archie, Jacob, Brooke and Kai, from year 7 and Tom, Aiden, Bennedict and Max for year 9 team.

They all arrived with smiles and a determination to do well. After the warm up the year 7s got to the start line for the first race of the competition. Not only was this the first race it was the biggest race of the day with over 100 participants. They fought hard in the cold conditions and did amazingly well to all place in the top 50. Jacob was Blenheim’s strongest runner finishing fifth. This will mean Jacob will represent Central Surrey in the next round of races. Blenheim came third overall with 15 schools behind them. A real achievement.

It was time for the third race of the day and for the year 9 boys to follow in the footsteps of the year 7 team. They lined up with high positions in their sights. The start whistle went and the team bustled for good positions. The training paid off with all of the team coming in the top 20. Tom was Blenheim’s top runner of the day coming 11th, helping the team to finish sixth. 

The students represented Blenheim excellently and showed what #TeamBlenheim is all about. Each student should be very proud of their achievements. 

Participating schools: Blenheim High, Box Hill, CLFS, Epsom & Ewell High, Esher College, Esher High, Ewell Castle, Glyn, Greenacre, Hampton House, Hinchley Wood, NESCOT, Priory, Rosebery, Salesian, St Andrews, St John’s, St Teresa’s, The Ashcombe, Therfield.

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