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Year 8 Girls Netball

Posted on: 03/12/2021

Blenheim High School (A) 



The A team started off strongly with Emily scoring her first goal in the first quarter. Rosebery’s defence was strong and continued to push back making it hard work for the girls to score again. There was some great defending from Katie and Bella, successfully stopping Rosebery from scoring more than three in the first quarter. Rosebery worked hard and went on to win 13-5, despite a fantastic performance from Blenheim.


Blenheim High School (B) 



The B team started really strong, with Hollie scoring her first goal within five minutes, a beautiful shot, from the edge of the semi-circle. Within the first quarter Blenheim made over five attempts at goal; proof of Blenheim’s attacking ability and strength. Blenheim defended really well throughout the match but ultimately came off second best against a strong Rosebery team. Abbie and Sophia made some brilliant interceptions, however unfortunately Blenheim lost 11-1.

Silver School Mental Health Award