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Year 10 Boys Basketball

Posted on: 22/11/2021

Blenheim High School 



Three Rivers 

Blenheim’s Year 10 boys were very proud to be wearing their Blenheim kit and representing their school in the first match of the season. Both teams were evenly matched with opportunities to score at either end. Three Rivers eventually broke through the Blenheim defence to put the first 2 points on the score board. Blenheim kept their heads up and stayed focused, with simple passing and moving around the key from Knester, Matthew and Krystan, passing out to Wagner who scored an amazing three points to put Blenheim in front. Three Rivers kept applying the pressure but Blenheim’s defence stepped up with excellent defence from Jonathan and Nicolas. Further baskets were scored by Matthew, Knester, Najib and Krystan.

The second quarter was very close with both teams adding to the scoreboard with the scores 16 – 16 at half time. Rotations of subs in the third quarter kept the game lively and offered different tactics in offence. Knester, Mel, Peter and Dante added to the scoreboard with some excellent lay ups and jump shots. Unfortunately, in the fourth quarter a player from Three Rivers hit his head and the game was immediately stopped with four minutes left on the clock in order to give first aid. Following further assessment, the player had potential concussion so it was the right decision to postpone the rest of the match. This left the game at Blenheim 26 – Three Rivers 29 with 4 minutes left to play. We hope that the player from Three Rivers has a speedy recovery. 

Well done to Blenheim who played with excellent sportsmanship, respect and maturity throughout the game including, when the game was stopped.

Silver School Mental Health Award