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Year 9 Basketball Tournament

Posted on: 01/02/2022

Yea 9 basketball

Blenheim hosted the North Surrey Year 9 Basketball tournament on 1st February. It was the first fixture for the year 9 team who played three matches.

Match 1

Blenheim High School 


Esher High School 

Blenheim played very well and soon found the rhythm of the game, scoring three baskets. However, excellent defence and rebounds from Esher kept them in front. Some excellent dribbling from Jake and Ethan kept was a feature of this match.

Match 2

Blenheim High School 


St. Andrew’s School 

Blenheim played a physical and fast paced match. St. Andrew’s capitalised on many attacking attempts but Blenheim did not give up and played their best to the end of the match. There was som great defence from Kyran and Tom and speed of play from Alfie and Bryn.

Match 3

Blenheim High School 



Three Rivers School 

This match was really even and could have gone either way. Blenheim held on for the draw with Sam demonstrating some excellent dribbling and three point attempts. 

Overall Blenheim achieved third place in the tournament. Well done boys!

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