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Year 7 Netball Tournament

Posted on: 23/03/2022

The team played excellently throughout the five matches of seven minutes each, and dominated in every third of the court. Brooke captained her team brilliantly and making good decisions to shoot away from the sun, allowing Emma and Elaina every chance to score. It was an excellent team effort and the students should be very proud of themselves!

Evie dominated the centre third intercepting lots of passes and with support from Sophie passed accurately into space for Emma to run onto. Excellent work feeding the ball into Emma and Elaina. Both shooters were fantastic and scored on the majority of shooting attempts. Elaina was very confident at shooting from the edge of the D with three excellent swooshes straight through the net! Even with some competition from other schools, Brooke and Erina were solid in defence and used their agility to mark their opponents and intercept passes. The team used great spatial awareness to move the ball across and up the court. Taylore was a great Goal Keeper and anticipated the game really well, keeping alert with some strong defensive play.

Silver School Mental Health Award