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Shakespeare Workshop

Posted on: 18/03/2022

On Friday 18th March 2022, Year 8 students attended a Shakespeare Workshop with West End in Schools.

During the fast-paced Drama sessions students worked closely with a professional actor, Mike, using theatrical techniques to explore key scenes from A Midsummer Night’s Dream. By putting the text up on its feet and by drawing out the emotions of the characters, the scenes took on a new life and new meaning.

By the end of the workshop, students were excited and engaged, which in turn led to insightful writing and analysis of the play in the classroom. Students developed their knowledge of the plot and the characters. Language and quotes were introduced throughout the session as the students explored key moments and scenes through movement and performance. Students created their own ‘jigs’, freeze frames and acted out the ‘Four Lovers’.

It was lovely to see students immersed in Shakespeare’s writing in a physical, interactive and engaging way.

Reviews from year 8 students

“The workshop was very educational and it was fun to be able to see what they do and how they look at plays in the theatre and how they perform it. My favourite part was when we got to work as a group and when we performed the ‘love square’.”

“I thought it was very beneficial and Mike was a great. The experience itself was amazing but the fact we got to act it out and really find our inner actors was great, if anything like this happened again I would definitely grab the chance and do it again.”

“Fun, enjoyable, interactive. It was Brilliant! Loved it, and loved how Mike got us to do things to warm us up and educate us on the tools for performing and discovering the story in more depth.”

“Loved it, the acting was so much fun and Mike made it really enjoyable. I learnt multiple things including more of A Midsummer Night’s Dream. I also learnt multiple Elizabethan facts such as an applause was invented to ward off evil spirits.”

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