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Racing at Goodwood in the Greenpower Challenge Formula 24

Posted on: 12/05/2022

'The atmosphere was electric, literally'.

On Sunday 8th May Blenheim's STEM Team went racing at Goodwood Motor Circuit entering the Greenpower Challenge, Formula 24. The challenge is simple; drive as far as possible in ninety minutes in self-built cars powered by two 12-volt batteries.

Blenheim entered two cars into the challenge, KT19 and KT19 MK2, each manned by a team of six. The pivotal moment in the day was scrutineering, which determined if the cars were safe to race. It was at this moment when our 'potential energy' turned into 'kinetic energy' with both cars passing with flying colours to head out onto the track. Both Blenheim teams were competitive, in a strong field, displaying excellent teamwork, particularly in the pit lane amid driver change over.

I would like to congratulate all the Blenheim students who participated for their hard work and dedication. Those listed below attended the race day:

Isaac | Dexter | George | William | Lucas-Jack | James | Junior | Bobby | Ollie | Nikolas| Evie |Iman

Finally, thank you to Mr Everest and Mr Adams for their contributions and to Thermoserv, our sponsors.

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